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New Comments from Steve Justice Via Matt Tiller

My friend and reporter/author Matt Tiller had a chance to speak to the rarely heard from, Steve Justice! I spoke to Matt and he said:

“There were so many directions I could have taken. My first drafts were way too long. We had to cut quite a bit out, but I made sure that the main ideas were still in place. For me, my biggest source of motivation for getting this article out was something that was only briefly mentioned on the last page – using the new technologies to improve the way we help victims of natural disasters. Steve is a genuine professional and it was a pleasure talking with him. I would very much enjoy talking with him again in the near future.”
tiller justice
Matt Tiller and Steve Justice

Read the amazing interview and article!

To The Stars – Mensa Bulletin Feb 2019 article by Matt Tiller.

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1 comment on “New Comments from Steve Justice Via Matt Tiller

  1. Juan Venada

    Why wouldn’t a company like Amazon want to look into this kind of technology?
    If it changes transport of supplies then also it’ll change shipping time for prime members. Alexa deliver packagE by UFPO \ unidentified flying post office. Imagine that!

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