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Skinwalker Ranch Manager Shares Video of Strange Occurrence

Thomas Winterton, manager of Skinwalker Ranch, took to twitter to share a story he has recounted during various interviews. This time, however, he also shared the security camera footage of what happened. The following are Thomas Winterton’s tweets, in his own words, consolidated, along with the video. They are shared with his permission.

I will share 1 of the 100’s of unexplained events at my home that STARTED (or maybe I just started noticing?) when I began working on #skinwalkerranch. Before I post the video, I’ll share the details that give context to the event.

This took place on Jan 4, 2019. It was close to -11⁰ F and I was returning from the ranch around 8:30 am +/- I parked in the front of my house. The video is me recording the screen of my home surveillance system.

I only have 1 key fav for my car, which I took with me into the house and I set it on my nightstand. About 45 minutes later, my son alerted me that the windows were all down on my car. I went out and tried to roll them up but it wouldn’t without my key fav.

After I rolled them up, I went in and checked my cameras to see how they rolled down. The camera focused on the car went down for a couple of minutes, when it came on, the windows were all down. I have 8 cameras, the only one that went down was the one on the car.

My other cameras show no one went in and out of my house during this time, no one was seen around the exterior of my home before, during, and after the event. The key fav was inside my home the whole time. When you see the video, it was not me that flashes the lights.

The internal logs show no logins or any unusual activity leading up to or during this event.

If this was the only thing strange that had happened, I’d find someway to shrug it off. When added to dozens and dozens of other occurrences, it gets harder to dismiss.

Cameras are all hard wired, but at the time the DVR was connected to the internet so I could see it remotely, so hacking is definitely a possibility.

I can’t help but think there is a logical explanation, I just haven’t discovered what it is. Like I said, this is just an example of many many strange incidents.

Thomas Winterton isn’t the only person to have spent time at the Ranch and then later wonder if he was followed home by poltergeist, or similar activity. Dr. Eric Davis, who was a member of Robert Bigelow’s National Institute for Discovery Science, a group that studied the Ranch, also claims he was followed home, among others.

The documentary style T.V. show, The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, is currently airing Tuesdays on the History Channel.

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10 comments on “Skinwalker Ranch Manager Shares Video of Strange Occurrence

  1. Deb Lopresti

    When you look at the video of the car you can see like a shimmer on the driver side moving around

  2. Eric m Mobley

    I think there is a cloaked alien ship above skin walker ranch. That’s why your getting readings that focus straight up at different points. And that is why strange things happen when you dig. They see you.

  3. David Schindler

    Fob. Fob. Fob. Perhaps there was radio interference that caused the camera to malfunction or another key fob that caused the windows to go down.

  4. Curtis Barker

    LED lights do strange things on video. Just saying.

  5. bob fabian

    history show is a bit hard to swallow with the dramatic b.s. they have to add (I get it). hoping something comes of it all. this guy doesn’t seem like a dummy, hope he’s keeping safe.
    this seems fakeable, though, no? not claiming it is or that this guy is lying. just seems easy to explain.
    keep up the good work =

  6. Grant Cameron

    This again is apport theory of wow stuff. There is almost an identical story with a former Navy guy after he was in the 2015 Mount Shasta Xendra.

  7. An inventory of all honest highly trusted people not trying to deceived others who happen to have very weird stuff happening to them will be very valuable to study the phenomena.

    In science, we study repeatable facts. To study these phenomena, we’ll have to start study people and what’s happening to them.

    Good job Silva Record.

  8. Brent Hale

    With all the weirdness that has gone on over there, this doesn’t surprise me. And to the Philip J. Klass types, I am not going to “wag the UFO” as it were. (Philip J. Klass was quite the famous [or infamous] UFO Debunker of his time)

    We need to rule out hacking before the supernatural can be theorized, albeit I am not ruling it out this early. It has just enough weirdness to consider it early for me.

  9. Is there a way to view that video in infrared?

  10. What is the time/frame interval on your security system cameras?

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