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Nimitz Event Witness Kevin Day Shows Photo With TTSA

Nimitz Event witness & veteran, Kevin Day, posts picture with TTSA.

Recently, veteran Kevin Day, who shared his supporting witness testimony of the Nimitz Event with the world, posted a series of pictures on social media. The first photo was of Tom Delonge, Luis Elizondo and a camera crew speaking to him at his house. The second photo is a screen shot of an email message from Luis Elizondo. An interesting item to note is that one of the email addresses linked to the screenshot says “,” most likely a network that will be airing one of the TTSA television projects that Delonge has spoken about. TTSA have not only been filming, but also collecting alleged metamaterials from sources and carrying out important field research and investigations. Rumor has it that an announcement will be released on November 14th, the anniversary of the Tic Tac Nimitz Incident. If no announcement comes then, we have received confirmation from Luis Elizondo, George Knapp and others that the Adam Research Project could be releasing findings after the new year.

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