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TTSA Investigation Location Revealed, Nimitz Witnesses Interviewed

First, we found out that Nimitz Event witness, Kevin Day, was interviewed by Tom Delonge and Luis Elizondo with a camera crew present.  Now we have a comment from Nimitz Event witness, Gary Voorhis, stating he was interviewed by TTSA‘s Chris Mellon, for a documentary that will air in January. I have spoken to Mr. Voorhis and got his OK to share this quote from 11-18-18:

“Was interviewed by Chris Mellon yesterday for a TV show about the Nimitz tic tac event. It will air in January will keep y’all posted.”
Another amazing comment from Kevin Day on 11-18-18 confirms a location that TTSA have been following up on, as well as reiterating that a documentary will air in January. I share this with Mr. Day’s permission:
“… there is a major TV network producing a documentary on the TIC TAC encounter .. looking for it sometime in January.. To The Stars Academy has interviewed many of my former shipmates who were involved and they have followed up ‘connected’ leads in Catalina Island (where the TIC TACs were detected on SPY radar )…”
Screenshot 2018-11-23 at 2.52.24 AM
Kevin Day continued:
“… I’m reluctant to say any more about it for now.. or, about the rumors on the possibility of a major movie being worked (that’s all I know about that so far, just rumors)..”
Allegedly, the Tic Tacs disappeared from radar near Campamento Militar Isla Guadalupe, Guadalupe Island, in Baja California, Mexico.  Did TTSA travel there, also?
Screenshot 2018-11-23 at 5.54.28 PM
TTSA following leads on location is amazing information, as well as the claim that the Tic Tacs were detected on SPY radar. I look forward to the documentary and new announcements coming soon!

Update 4-15-19:

Stills of the TTSA documentary have been released confirming a focus on Guadalupe Island.



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