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“It Seemed To Be Aware That We Were There.” Female Nimitz Pilot Appears on Unidentified


The female pilot from the Nimitz encounters, who was at first labeled no more than a theory or rumor, appeared during the latest trailer of To the Stars Academy’s History Channel show Unidentified. Speaking about the Tic Tac UFO she said, “It seemed to be aware that we were there.” Startling. It looks like she will be appearing anonymously during the program and I respect her wishes to do so. I’m happy to see the female pilot now coming forward on Unidentified, not only as a strong (and somewhat rare) female role model in military aviation and especially in the UFO community, but because her account of the events is extremely important. Alejandro Rojas and UFO Joe talked about the importance of the female pilot, just weeks agoIt’s great to see TTSA being able to dig up more Nimitz witnesses. This new pilot, along with Sean Cahill will mark at least two new Nimitz personalities when Unidentified airs. Dave Beaty has also done an amazing job getting in touch with multiple witnesses, including Kevin Day (also featured on the Unidentified show) and cataloging their accounts. His newly updated version of the Nimitz Encounters film should be released later this month. Unidentified is currently on the minds of everyone in the UFO community and probably many other people in the government plus academic, scientific and aerospace fields among others. As I intimated to Alejandro Rojas myself, a lot is riding on this show, not just for TTSA, but for all of the supporters of the initiative as well. And we are confident it will deliver. When the N.Y. Times article changed the world in late 2017 it mobilized many of us, myself included, to get involved. Unidentified will be airing after the sometimes controversial Ancient Aliens program, but that means it will have a chance to pull in that show’s millions of viewers. If the Times story got us all involved, I only can hope a new wave of interest will explode when Unidentified airs. 

11 comments on ““It Seemed To Be Aware That We Were There.” Female Nimitz Pilot Appears on Unidentified

  1. Rob Hemsley

    i live in the uk and wasnt able to watch the unidentified program – seems like it was aired just in usa – does anyone know how to download the program in other countries ?

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  4. Bob Fabian

    more and more of the “threat” language being used.
    Keep an eye out.

  5. To answer Zach’s question… no. To my knowledge, the pilot is still on active duty.

  6. I don’t think the TTSA supporters will be disappointed. While I remain objective on the entire TTSA mission, I do believe, that after seeing the entire first episode, this show is the BEST UFO representation we have ever had on mainstream television.

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  8. is the pilot retired?

  9. Harry Minje

    Glad you are keeping on board with all of this Danny. It seems like you have a good relationship with the likes of Jay and the To the Stars guys.

    Keep us all up to date. I am learning so much following your blog. I think people might even go to jail once this all gets out.

  10. Amazing. When I identified the female pilot from Paco Chierici’s article in March 2015, no one believed me. Every mainstream media report said Jim Slaight was the other pilot. I persevered and put her in the movie without verification, back in March 2018. Only after the “leak” did I learn I was right. Many in the community told me I was wrong, up until that point.

  11. Dave Haith

    Who knows – if the History show and others make UFOs ‘respectable’, then the female pilot may ‘come out’ and hasten fuller disclosure.

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