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What High-Def, Clear UFO Videos Might Look Like: A Conversation with Tyler Rogoway

The Warzone‘s Tyler Rogoway tweeted a video from a Coast Guard cocaine bust that occured recently. It got me thinking about the clarity and definition of the much talked about UFO videos that allegedly exist. President Trump even tweeted a photo of an alleged Iranian failed space launch that showed what high resolution reconnaissance photos look like. Tyler graciously let me pick his brain about some of the platforms that may be used to capture UFO video and what the quality might look like. All videos and quotes, which are in bold, are provided by Tyler except the quote and video from Cmdr. Dave Fravor and Jeremy Corbel. I can’t thank Tyler enough for his time speaking to me as well as going over this blog with me for accuracy.

Do high resolution videos exist? Cmdr. Dave Fravor says they do. During an interview with Jeremy Corbell, Cmdr. Dave Fravor said this about the existence of the high resolution video when describing the Tic Tac UFO:

“When you look at the high-res video that… good luck finding it… but the original video that we had, so literally right off the jet recorders and putting it on our monitors, so we’re watching it on like a 21 inch or 20 TV – you can see in the TV mode ’cause the WSO the backseat or the other airplane is going between IR, which is a infrared mode to an EO which is electro-optical black-and-white, when you go to the TV mode he’s pretty zoomed in. You can see there’s two little things that stick out of the bottom of it.”

Keep in mind the resolution of the video Cmdr. Fravor saw was so high and detailed, he was even able to see “L” shaped appendages coming from the bottom of the craft.

The Coast Guard’s drug bust:

While this video might not apply, since Tyler told me the, “range is really close and the system is not a targeting pod for high-speed jets,” it’s a great example of the high level of video being currently captured by armed forces.

This next video isn’t taken by fighter jets either, but Tyler informed me if UFO video was shot by “helicopters and surveillance aircraft” they would, for the most part, utilize multi-spectral sensor balls, not tactical jet targeting pods:

Tyler says drones like MQ-9 Reapers and MQ-4C Triton, planes like Boeing’s P-8 Poseidon, many Navy and Marine Corps helicopters, Army special operations helicopters, Air Force MC-130s, among many types, have these systems. Some of the popular types include the Raytheon Multi-spectral Targeting System (MTS), Wescam MX-15/20, and higher-end FLIR star SAFIRE models.

What about the fighter jets and HD/clearer video that the world wants to see? Tyler provided me with this video that would apply to the current quality of the footage than can be collected by the latest targeting pods being carried by fighters and bombers:

Tyler also told me, “High-end multi-spectral FLIR/EO systems built more for surveillance than for flying on fast jets and targeting etc will have even better quality by a substantial margin under certain conditions.”

Tyler said, “it also has to do with what wavelength the sensor operates on. Shorter should give sharper quality but is more susceptible to obscurants and weather breaking up the view and so on. Most targeting pods work in the mid-range of the infrared spectrum. Some of the sensor balls listed above have short and medium IR capabilities on the same ball. IRSTs, which could provide a massive leap in UAP detection by American fighter aircraft, are usually long wavelength IR.” Much more information about this can be found in Tyler‘s in-depth article.

In this video of FLIR’s Star SAFIRE, Tyler says it shows how “multi-spectral footage from the same sensor can be fused in real time.” He says “MTS and the higher end Star SAFIRE and MX series” are “all sort of a similar range of products very generally speaking.”

Many variables like distance, range, visibility and weather, just to name a few, would alter what government UFO videos might look like, but these video examples give us something to think about. Just how clear are the videos the government is currently holding back due to protecting ways and means or for more secretive and possibly dishonest reasons?  Tyler once again informed me that “advanced drones, helicopters, and surveillance aircraft that carry these higher fidelity systems,” maybe have captured video of unknown craft as well, and that “such footage could be of a higher quality compared to what targeting pods found on tactical jets and bombers can readily capture… Attack helicopters like the AH-64E Apache and its updated TADS sensor system have very capable optics, as well.”

Hopefully the presidential, congressional and behind closed door briefings include clear, high resolution, longer videos that haven’t been available to the public. While there hasn’t been any comments on the clarity of the videos in the briefings, there has been speculation from multiple sources that the extended, longer videos have been included in the briefings. To the Stars Academy has led the way in getting what they can released by the government, but there is still a lot of work to be done. If any UFO/UAP video is released with this kind of clarity, it would certainly be a game changer and possibly even the smoking gun many of us have been hoping for.

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