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Elizondo Met UFO Program Point Man From 1980s

On 7-19-20, going into 7-20-20, Coast to Coast AM with host George Knapp featured two members of TTSA, who are also partially responsible for heightened awareness of the UAP issue in the government, Lue Elizondo and Chris Mellon. Elizondo spoke about the legality of hidden programs, and IF they do exist, how members could be facing prison. He also recounted a meeting he had where he met the point man for a United States Government UFO program active in the 1980s. This is the first time Lue has confirmed a US Government UFO program that operated before AATIP and AAWSAP. Elizondo’s story is as follows:

George, I’m going to share something with you, and frankly the rest of America,  I’ve never shared before. I’m not going to go into specifics, but not too long ago I was brought up into a meeting on the Hill and some individuals, and I won’t say who I was speaking with, but I sat in a room and there was a gentleman, an older gentleman sitting in the corner and he didn’t introduce himself and I certainly wasn’t going to ask who he was because I was being invited by some individuals to have a conversation at the classified level, so I answered their questions. And then the individual came up and he introduced himself to me and he said, “Look, I had your job,” and I said, “Oh, really? From what perspective?” ’cause I had a lot of jobs in the government. I wasn’t quite sure what he meant and he said, “No, I had your job and I had your job (with a particular service, I’m not going to mention what service it was)” and he said, “and I had your job back in the ’80s.” And that struck me. At that point…and he said it in front of other people and those individuals somehow recognized or acknowledged him, KNEW that this guy was obviously very legitimate and he was having a classified discussion right now with myself and many other people and they knew who he was. I didn’t know who he was. That tells me there is at least some sense of legacy, that his issue has perkalted before and been on somebody’s radar at high levels. Now I don’t want to hypothesize any further than that because I don’t know. I wasn’t going to ask him any more details. I wasn’t there to ask him questions. I was there for them to ask me questions, but it was very clear to me that AATIP was not the first of its kind ever. There was an organized effort back in the ’80s to do exactly this as well. Now, how far they got? I don’t know because what was told to me, verbatim was, “We didn’t get as far as you guys.” Now I don’t know necessarily what he meant by that. I don’t know if he meant from a personnel perspective or having political support like we did with Harry Reid and Stevens and Inouye, or if he meant from a budgetary perspective, or if he meant from a findings perspective. I really don’t know, George, but that was true and there were witnesses to that meeting. So that tells me that there has been an interest by at least some folks in government about this topic at least going back to the 80s that I can say I know for a fact because I met somebody who apparently was doing it.

Among other things, the topic of ongoing UFO events was also brought up:

Many other interesting topics were discussed and everyone should listen to the full show.

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7 comments on “Elizondo Met UFO Program Point Man From 1980s

  1. Sgt. Dave

    Those of us interested in this topic have constantly been hitting a brick wall, when the information dried up, and we
    had nowhere left to go. Elizondo has opened doors for us doing research, and we all owe him a great deal. The navy
    has shown a willingness to acknowledge the truth, while the air force, and other pentagon members want to put a
    tighter lid on all available data. The question is, what do they have to lose, if full disclosure ever hits the media? Is it
    all about military contracts, and who gets the most funding for their projects? The hostility that can still be found in
    the Department of Defense, is nothing short of breathtaking. But, something tells me, their day of reckoning isn’t too
    far away. The decades of lies, deception, and half-truths may be coming to an end, sooner than we can guess.

  2. Might the 1980s guy be someone mentioned in Howard Blum’s 1990 book Out There?

  3. Harry Harris

    “We didn’t get as far as you guys.” is somewhat reminiscent of a comment in the Eric Davis/Adm Wilson document notes. Just speculation, but kind of wonder if this meeting was a setup to enforce what was detailed in that document. If you cannot ask questions then the meeting is totally controlled by the questioner(s) and can go whatever direction is wanted by them. Maybe there were other similar programs to AATIP and AAWSAP back in the 80s or even earlier. However why have these programs if on the other hand you have USAP(s) that deal with reverse engineering some non- human tech? If the Wilson document is legit and Wilson’s comments in the notes are what really happened, are not these programs like AATIP really in part going after the same information as Wilson might have done?

  4. Ron ellis

    I have been in this field for 48 years and I have followed Ufology and have had close encounters all my life. I just think things are coming to a head because of lou. Thank you so much for your time and work in this field.

  5. We all need to become public educators now and become well versed in the ce3 and 4 cases, traditionally avoided even by many ufologists. We know alot (though folks insist we dont, lol….then i usually find out they never even heard of Ardy Clarke and her published cases).

  6. UAP = NHI?
    And now, as if unexpectedly coming in from out in “left field,” UAP proof as “discovered” by the Navy’s UAP investigation. The 5 observables, recently “discovered” by the Navy investigation cannot be attributed to known craft/phenomena and therefore indicate the presence of Non-Human Intelligence.
    It appears that the Navy’s investigation group is very close to being “forced” to admit what those of us have been around for a long time already know.
    And when this admission comes, that NHI in some form are present in our (is it really our?) environment/earth, it will be yet another “thing” the government will have to cope with ….as if CoVd19 and elections aren’t enough!
    And consider this: if we can’t cope with ourselves, what chance do we have that we can cope with THEM!

  7. What a beautiful moment of human history, humankind slowly going away from an at least 70 years old taboo. What we will discover? Nobody knows because we’ve been keeping all of our information to ourselves (compartmentalized government, Individual scientists, separated beliefs system theologians, lay people that were ostracized for not being educated enough and for having too often seeking for attention more than for the truth).

    Thank you Danny Silva for you dedication to this subject, Thank you for all of you who are dedicated to this subject.

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