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USS Boxer had UFO Event in 1998

There have been rumors circulating that the USS Boxer had a UFO encounter in 1998. The chatter has gone up a notch since the SCU’s Rich Hoffman discussed them during a previous presentation that is now circulating on twitter. SilvaRecord.com was able to speak to a source that believes the USS Boxer event occured. Rich Hoffman also mentioned the USS Bainbridge having an event in 2017. SilvaRecord.com has not been able to confirm that event, however Rich Hoffman is a credible person and the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies is a trusted group.

The USS Boxer UFO event occured in 1998. It was off the coast of San Diego and it was a very similar event to the famous Nimitz Tic Tac(s) with multiple witnesses. SilvaRecord.com has not been able to yet confirm if the UFO(s) were Tic Tac shaped, however if/when more information becomes available this blog will be updated.

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