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Holding Secret Keepers Accountable

In talking to my friend Ryan “UFO Jesus” the subject of secrecy is often brought up. Is Government Secrecy wrong? In some ways, maybe not, but in many other ways, yes. Is hiding proof another intelligence interacts with us? Of course! Is it illegal? Maybe.

As disclosure activists we must hold the secret keeper’s feet to the fire. At least until they share with the world what they can. Pointing out to the secret keepers that what they are doing is wrong, and definitely immoral is step one. While the lawfulness of the cover up is highly debatable, questioning the legality is surely an effective motivational tool.

In short, come clean or possibly face consequences.

Some might say the very people who are moving the ball down the field are secret keepers themselves since they adhere to NDAs and other guidelines. I disagree with this wholeheartedly. The secret keepers I’m referring to don’t go on national TV and tell the world that due to their government backgrounds they know the United States government is in possession of UFO debris.

No, the true secret keepers we may not know the names of, or at least, don’t have much hard evidence in the public realm to link them to the immoral side of the cover up.

In a particularly illuminating section of an interview conducted by George Knapp with Luis Elizondo on Coast to Coast AM, this topic was brought up. Thanks to “BSB” for help with the transcript.

George Knapp: …There may be limitss on what you can say about this, assuming you can say anything at all, but we’ve been hearing about this New York Times story in the works about crash retrievals, mystery metals, meta-materials, bits and pieces, maybe entire craft from somewhere else that are stashed either deep in the bowels of a secret program or maybe in the hands of defense contractors, big aerospace companies. Can you shed any light on what you think of that general topic, whether you know anything solid about it and whether something like that could, in fact, be kept secret; in a silo, in a stovepipe, in the Pentagon?

Luis Elizondo: Well, George, yeah, put it simply, the answer is yes, it’s possible. But I also have to caveat saying it’s also very, very unlikely. The way that the Department of Defense works, you do have these silos set up. But at the top of all the silos sits, basically, if you will, a clearing house. And that clearing house, in theory, has access to all the silos, from an oversight perspective. In fact, my colleague and dear friend, Chris Mellon, was one of those individuals at the time many years ago where he was sitting on top of all those silos. And there’s also, of course, certain individuals, like myself, when I was at the Pentagon, I had a very unique position. I straddled both the Title 50 and Title 10 world. Which mean I was read-on to many many many many programs in the US government. And the reason is because we had to make sure we de-conflicted operations and activities with other elements of US Government . And as you can imagine, if you are doing something super super-duper secret and all of a sudden someone else is doing something super duper secret, and you both wind up doing the same thing at the same time, it could wind up being… the consequences could be disastrous. So you have to de-conflict. And there’s also rules in place for oversight and regulation of SAPS, Special Access Programs. But you also have CAPS, Controlled Access Programs, and you have ACCM’s, and…there’s this whole tangled woods, if you will, of controlled programs in the government, most people have no idea even exist. So is it possible somebody could be clever? Well. Yeah, because we hid AATIP for a really long time. There were very few people that even knew what we were doing other than a, a select few. And if you see that original memo from 2009 from Senator Harry Reid, you’ll see just how small of a scope, the people who were read on to that program were. Really, just a handful. So, it’s possible, but because of where I was sitting, it’s also very unlikely because I was, by, by necessity, I was read-on to the vast majority of programs in order that I would be able to de-conflict our operations accordingly. So, you know, I guess, I don’t want to be, I don’t want to be insincere or evasive by, by simply saying, you know, “I don’t know”, because it is possible. But, it would also be, at this point, I think whoever did that would have to really worry right now that they could be in jeopardy of going to jail because they’re requirements, regulatory requirements, and oversight requirements. The Inspector General, IG, and OGC, Office of General Counsel, specifically have jobs to make sure that people don’t run rogue operations and they don’t run operations, if you will, without somebody in the chain-of-command being aware. So, I don’t know if that answers your question regarding that. Now as far as crash retrievals as, as you mention them, and what the New York Times may or may not be doing, uh, unfortunately, I cannot comment at this time about, about any, potential article coming forward from the New York Times.

This Elizondo tweet (from my conversations with Ryan “UFO Jesus”) also brings up the legality of the issue.

Ryan also sent over this article written by astute reporter Billy Cox. Was former White House Chief of Staff and USMC Gen. John Kelly truly out of the loop during his tenure or was he bearing around the bush? Like so many other top figures in the government and armed forces, is this a question of secrecy, negligence or both?

A tweet highlighted again by Ryan features Chris Mellon stating the proper actions were not taken in regards to notifying intelligence oversight committees:

Lastly, the most direct and profound comment on the subject of secrecy, and those who have committed these acts, comes from George Knapp and was highlighted and transcribed in a blog by “UFO Joe.”

…Every major news organization in the world has beaten a path to Area 51’s door. They’ve all been out there, every single one of them. Every network, both domestic and foreign, have been out there. A lot of attention on Area 51. And because of that, it also, it got the attention of Congress. And believe it or not, there are some people in Congress – powerful people who’ve been there for a long time – who are interested in the kinds of things that you and I are talking about tonight. They have to be quiet about it because they want to be re-elected. But they are interested and they’ve assigned people to look into it for ’em over the years.

And there was one particular guy who came out to see me several times and wanted to know about Area 51. So we briefed him on it and told him, he was gonna…he has the highest security clearances. He ended up going in there and looking at places where we told him to look. And we shared thoughts about that scenario that you’re describing. He believed and expressed to me that the reasons for the UFO cover-up was not some public panic or we’d freak out about aliens. It was being covered up because, when it comes out,  people will go to jail because they’ve lied to the public. They’ve stolen millions, tens of millions, maybe hundreds of millions of dollars from legitimate, national security programs and put ’em into cover-ups and disinformation and crap like that. Could be that this stuff has been developed. This guy believed that perhaps it had not only been taken out of the military – in order to have a further, sort of a bumper between congressional investigators and the truth – but maybe it had been taken not only into private industry but into foreign, private industry…


“Progress, VS Congress” by Lue Elizondo

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2 comments on “Holding Secret Keepers Accountable

  1. Frederick M. Olsen III

    Individual researchers and activists (me) who have been illegally surveilled, harassed and subjected to perjury in the courts and FOIA should all be considering suits against those agencies involved.

  2. Billy Hallmon

    … “The Inspector General, IG, and OGC, Office of General Counsel, specifically have jobs to make sure that people don’t run rogue operations and they don’t run operations, if you will, without somebody in the chain-of-command being aware.”

    For me, this puts to rest the popular conspiracy theory that there are black government operations to which even the president has no access. It does look like secret stuff might have been given to private companies that could hide information that is “proprietary,” especially if they have invested their own R&D.

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