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Lue Elizondo Speaks to George Knapp about TTSA

George Knapp interviewed Lue Elizondo on Coast to Coast AM, 12-20-20.

George Knapp:

What’s going on with TTSA? There’s these rumors floating around that an announcement is coming in January that’s going to shake things up a bit. What, if anything, can you say about it?

Lue Elizondo:

Well, I can’t speak for TTSA. You’d have to go through TTSA channels to ask them about TTSA and I’ll tell you from my perspective I love my friends at TTSA. They are incredible human beings, but I also have to say my mission has always been very clear, George, and that was to push disclosure forward. That’s it. I think after three years, you know, I can look back and I think we’ve achieved much of what we’ve set out to do. TTSA, it’s no secret, also focuses on it’s entertainment division and, you know, let’s face it, guys like Chris Mellon and Steve Justice and myself, we’re not entertainers. We’re not. So, very much like the History Channel project, we have accomplished our mission. Mission success. We have done more in three years collectively than anybody I think really expected us to achieve. Now it’s time I think we shift from…you know it’s like a car, right? You know I speak in car talk, I’m kind of a gearhead, so I think the time has come from the proverbial first gear to now second gear. We have enough momentum, enough inertia where we can shift gears and continue moving forward and to do that guys like me are looking at new and exciting ways to expand that conversation to an even larger audience while still staying true to our core mission of disclosure.

George Knapp:

I think I understand what you said there.

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8 comments on “Lue Elizondo Speaks to George Knapp about TTSA

  1. Robert D Payne

    I would like to know more about what follows .

  2. Jody foster

    Tom just isn’t into it as much anymore.

  3. Kain Baker

    I hope thats a yes. Tom hasnt even said anything in regards to the latest leaked photo. They were promoting the ADAM project back in 2018 and we’ve had nothing. investors were told movies were to be released and this app to be out before 2020 and nothing. in regards to luis saying they achieved more then people expected, no, i have much high expectations after listening to Tom Delonge promote this since 2015. I dunno what to think anymore but im learning to lower my expectations and expect this to drag out a lot longer than previously proposed.

  4. Billy Hallmon

    I understand what you said there.

  5. Agrees with what I heard. Sometimes there is fire with the smoke.

  6. Any thoughts on Steven Greer’s disclosure project?

  7. Well, now I’m glad I missed that C2C show. I thought there was supposed to be a big announcement coming down. I hope that wasn’t it!

  8. Might be a tough call for TTSA’s investors. Let’s see if this new direction will be helpful or detrimental for them.

    On a disclosure perspective, I’m sure that will be an amazing ride.

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