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The Re-Emergence of Rendlesham

The Re-Emergence of Rendlesham. Danny Silva's

The Rendlesham Forest Incident, some call it the British Roswell, has always been one of the most puzzling events in the UFO field. United States Military personnel, like John Burroughs , Charles Halt and Jim Penniston, sharing their experiences make it more credible and accessible to the public.

There are many theories that suggest what actually happened over those three days, ranging from alien spacecraft to a government test.

There were also parallels with another American event, nick named Cash-Landrum, which took place in Houston, Texas only three days after the Rendlesham Incident.

The Cash-Landrum event allegedly involved military helicopters escorting and odd acting craft. While members of the military went on record to speak about Rendlesham, the Cash-Landrum incident was never corroborated by the military and any involvement was denied. Both incidents had human injuries, John Burroughs, a key witness at Rendlesham, required heart surgery while Cash-Landrum allegedly caused serious illness and death.

Jacques Vallee has wondered why the personnel at Rendlesham were sent in with no weapons. Vallee controversially hypothesizes that fact could point to government involvement or prior knowledge.

Fast Forward to 2018/2019. The Media Wave.

To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science announced the ADAM Research Project in 2018 with a goal of collecting and scientifically analyzing alleged UFO crash materials, alleged human implants and other forms of material.  In the ADAM Project’s promotional video, papers were flashed very quickly on screen. The video was deleted and re-uploaded, this time with the pages blurred. Immediately, the UFO community jumped on the video stills, zooming in and deciphering them. To everyone’s shock, the Rendlesham Forest Incident was listed.  This is when the Re-emergence of Rendlesham began. Since then, Luis Elizondo has said during an Italian presentation:

“U.S. service members assigned in England, over a period of three days, encounter what cannot be described as anything else than extraordinary. The events that occurred those three days make the movie “Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind,” look amateur. Several of those individuals that were involved in that incident, I had the privilege of debriefing myself. Furthermore, information involving this incident, within the next four months, will be forthcoming. Further giving the world a better appreciation of what occurred those three nights. The capabilities that were stored at that facility were highly sophisticated and may have even lead to UAP interest.”

(Watch the presentation, or read UFO Joe‘s transcript.)

This amazing comment set a time frame for more information on Rendlesham to be released. John Burroughs has since confirmed he has been in contact with Luis Elizondo, as well.

George Knapp reported information about The ADAM Project findings will be released some time after the first of the year. Are Luis Elizondo and George Knapp talking about the same release, or separate announcements? Will Rendlesham be included in in TTSA’s Adam Project briefing?

Days after the Italian conference, Hollywood Reporter stated  Laurence Fishburne will produce and star in a eight part television series based on the event. It wouldn’t be a leap in logic to think that TTSA might also touch on the Rendlesham incident at some point in their entertainment projects. There are also rumors that possibly multiple feature films are in the works from different teams, this being one of them. A graphic novel is currently being introduced, as well.

Will the newly presented evidence, wave of media projects, attention and educational details raise the status of the Rendlesham Forest Incident to near Roswell or Nimitz Event levels, once and for all? It’s certainly a possibility and the public anxiously await TTSA’s announcement.

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