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Insiders Give Clues About What’s Next

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The UFO/UAP research community spends a lot of time hunting down and deciphering what will come next in the field. What will be the next big story? What will TTSA’s next big announcement be and when will it be released to the public? Thanks to members of TTSA, insiders and people in the know, we are able to make some educated guesses on what to expect.  In only the last twelve months there has been more information released for public consumption than arguably in the history of the subject. Will 2019 be the biggest year yet?

***There are multiple rumors, as well as information coming from credible sources, about congressional briefings taking place (not to be confused with open hearings.) However, I will leave that topic out of this article and focus on other leads.

1. Luis Elizondo speaking at the Mufon Symposium on July 29th, 2018:

“I think the same time next year we’re going to have a fundamentally different conversation.”

2. Luis Elizondo speaking about the Rendlesham Forest Incident at the CUN Conference on October 27th, 2018: 

“U.S. service members assigned in England, over a period of three days, encounter what cannot be described as anything else than extraordinary. The events that occurred those three days make the movie “Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind,” look amateur. Several of those individuals, that were involved in that incident, I had the privilege of debriefing myself. Furthermore, information involving this incident, within the next four months, will be forthcoming. Further giving the world a better appreciation of what occurred those three nights.”

(Thanks to UFO Joe for the transcript)

3. Luis Elizondo in the TTSA video, “The ADAM Research Project begins,” published August 14th, 2018:

“If it’s not the eyewitness reports and it’s not the videos and it’s not the electro optical data, it’s not the electromechanical data, well all right, how about material? Will that be enough?”

4. Luis Elizondo in the TTSA video, “Observations On Potential UAP/UFO Material In Possession for The ADAM Research Project,” published September 19th, 2018:

“We may just be at the beginning of the headwaters. Maybe we’re just in a stream right now and we’re just at the very beginning and it’s just a small creek, but I think eventually that waterfall will come.”

5. Luis Elizondo speaking to George Knapp on “Coast to Coast AM,” July 15th, 2018:

“There are a lot more videos and no I’m not at liberty to release those. That would be the government’s job to do that, if they so choose to do so.”

“I think as time goes on, and I’m absolutely certain, that additional details on fidelity is going to come out, and by the way, not very long from now. I think in the coming months, and certainly within the next year, a lot more detail will come out on those particular videos where you’re going to realize that those videos are indeed very unique.”

“I think (leadership) are owed the facts behind these videos, but all the videos, not just the three. I think people look at the three and say, “oh, there’s only three videos.” That’s simply not the case and those who need to see the rest of the videos will.”

When George Knapp asked Luis Elizondo to characterize the other videos, Mr. Elizondo stated they were:

“Better, very compelling and better.”

Speaking about the Gimbal, Luis Elizondo said:

“What makes it even more interesting is when you hear the audio, the individuals say, ‘there’s an entire fleet of them.’ I can not go into detail why that’s important. I hope at some point the details of that will come out, but it will not come out from me. It isn’t just one and if you know the backstory behind that incident, you’re just looking at a very short video, maybe thirty or thirty-five seconds worth, but there’s an entire story, weeks and weeks and weeks worth, that go behind that video and that is what’s so compelling and if those details should come out, I think that’s going to be the ‘A-ha’ moment, the epiphany, so to speak, where people are going to look and say, ‘Holy smokes! That really is an important video. That’s not just some blurry thing on the screen.”

6. George Knapp speaking about TTSA’s ADAM Research Project on KLAS Las Vegas October 11th, 2018:

“So what comes next? Well, one of the goals announced a year ago was the collection and analysis of anomalous materials, that is, bits and pieces of metals or so-called metamaterials, scraps that may have been stashed away for decades. They’re now undergoing the most advanced analysis possible. We’ve already heard hints that some materials appear to be beyond anything known to modern engineering. A formal announcement about those findings is expected after the first of the year.”

(The quote starts at 2:30) 

7. George Knapp speaking about the politicians who killed AAWSAP on “Phenomenon Radio” published October 13th, 2018:

“…it’s true. There is a group of people in high-level positions and one of these days their names are going to come out and the steps that they took to kill the program, to syphon the money away…”

8. Roger Marsh recounting his conversation with Luis Elizondo on “Midnight in the Desert,” August 8th, 2018:

“So, [Elizondo] told me, and I don’t think that Lue Elizondo would say anything to me he’s not permitted to say…but he told me privately that there are MANY more videos that are going to be released in the near future and they’re going to be even better…more spectacular than the first three. And he’s telling me that in the next wave of information, and he says…basically…hang onto your bootstraps…that the next wave of information is coming as early as January or February, 2019.”

(Thanks to UFO Joe for the transcript.)

9. Jeremy Corbell on “Phenomenon Radio” published September 28th, 2018:

“I will tell you this now and I will be proven right later, but I’ll put it on the record now, that there are multiple UFO programs going at this time that are not being named right now, and there are four in particular that will probably come out.”

Update 12-15-18:

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