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Influential People Who Have Seen Evidence of The Phenomena

Throughout history there have been tales of influential people who have had an experience with the Phenomena and believe it to be authentic. The most powerful and compelling evidence of this is when they speak about it themselves, in their own words, rather than a second hand story or rumor. What is even more enthralling, is when their statements are recorded on video or audio.

Does The Phenomenon gravitate towards influential people to shape world history, events, culture, and perception? Or have these important individuals had experiences by chance?

Here is a list of only a handful of cases, stated in their own words.

1. President Jimmy Carter

“A round light…blue to red to white.”


2. Arizona Governor Fife Symington

“Some kind of a craft of unknown origin…most of us feel that it was, you know, of
alien origin.”



3. Politician Dennis Kucinich

“A triangular craft, silent and hovering.”



4. NASA Scientist Edward Belbruno

“A bright red light with the boundary of a square…approximately 50 feet high…50 feet
wide…embedded on the back of an object much bigger. 10 to 15 beings standing


5. Astronaut Gordon Cooper

“A double lenticular saucer shape, metallic looking.”

6. Astronaut Deke Slayton

“A saucer sitting on edge.”


7. Navy Pilot Dave Fravor

“A white, 40 foot long, tic tac shaped object.”

8. Radio Host Art Bell

“A triangular object with 3 lights on it…150 feet from one point of the triangle to the
next. It was monstrous.”


9. Musician John Lennon

“Silent, dark like black or gray in the middle. It had white lights that looked like light


10. Actor Dan Aykroyd

“It looked like an air mattress, but 100 feet long by 50 feet wide, tipped over, with the
bulbs on the bottom and it was moving slowly.”


11. Actor Kurt Russell

“I saw 6 lights over the airport, in absolute uniform, in a V shape.”

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