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“I Understand (The Holloman Air Force Base) Event Was Absolutely Real.” – Jeremy Corbell

One of the most legendary incidents in UFO history and lore is the Holloman Air Force Base Event, where allegedly “others” landed at the base and met with government officials.

Filmmaker, Robert Emenegger, was supposedly shown, and maybe given footage of this interaction, with the OK to publish it – only to have the offer rescinded. However, some think a few scenes from his documentary, UFOs, Past, Present, and Future, contain actual footage from the event.  Hard proof of this seems challenging to acquire, but many people, like Grant Cameron, think the tale holds water. You can read Mr. Cameron’s rendition of the story.

Giuliano Marinkovic comments:

“Thanks Danny, and always great to hear from Jeremy. I spoke with Emenegger in 2017, and I was one of the few people who spoke off the record with Sandler on the phone for about 15 minutes last year. James Fox also talked with Sandler directly and I inquired about it in my interview:”

Robert Emenegger has taken part in interviews himself. One of which he recounts a question from TTSA’s Dr. Hal Puthoff:

“(Dr. Puthoff) is always wanting to know when they’re going to tell us about the landing at Holloman…”

Here is the interview with Robert Emenegger split into parts, where he even goes into detail about what the “others” may have looked like:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

On 11-17-18, Kikala Diallo asked Jeremy Corbell what he thought of the Holloman Air Force Base event and if Jeremy had seen this video.

Jeremy replied:

“I understand that that event was absolutely real. However the footage you showed me, sadly, I do not believe is from that encounter. Here I am questioning the chief scientific liaison for area 51 from the CIA & the chief historian of the CIA about that.”

If proof of this event were to ever come out, or if the real video footage was ever released and confirmed as authentic, the world would be forever changed.

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