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NASA, Stop Dragging It Out

NASA’s insight rover successfully landed on Mars on November, 26th 2018.  It’s the eighth time the National Aeronautics and Space Administration have landed a craft on the planet. For over forty years the United States have been studying the red planet via landings, but have they been conducting accurate tests to detect life? Some have questioned NASA’s effectiveness, like in this November 2018 comment from Dr. Garry Nolan:

“Congratulations NASA! Incredible. A question-When are you going to put a microscope on board with some growth broth or even water, scoop up some dirt, and try to see if there are any microbes running around in the “Soup”? It’s only been ~42 years since the Viking experiments.”

Much more serious accusations were expressed by George Knapp. This comment is from 2013, but still seems to ring true:

“…they’re edging closer and closer to saying life is there. It absolutely astounds me that we send a rover up there, to find evidence for the possibility that life could exist on Mars but not actual evidence that life is there. They don’t have the tests on the latest rover to actually confirm that life is there, which is ridiculous. Why do you send a probe that far, spend the money on it and not answer the central question that’s on everyone’s mind? I think it shows that it is sort of… that shows me that they’re doing it in bits and pieces and in steps at a time.”

Mr. Knapp continued:

“Well, remember the Viking? The Viking, back in the 70s, did a test that the initial result was, “We found life,” and NASA was, “Oh no no no wait a second. Hold on. Let’s back way up and we’ve got to back off that. That’s not what we found,” but they had a test back then that confirmed life and since then all these probes that have gone up there don’t have the same kind of capabilities to answer that question. You got a rover there now that can drill under the ground, it can analyze soil but it doesn’t have the capability to detect actual life, just the conditions for life. That makes no sense to me. That says that they’re stretching it out. That says to me, and in big bold letters, or bloody handwriting on the wall, that they’re dragging this stuff out. “

Headlines were made in July 2018 when ANCIENT organic material was found on Mars, but what about currently? If Nasa is purposely not running accurate experiments to detect life, or are just not capable of doing so, something must change. They claim they are “working hard now to discover whether there is life on Mars,” but if important tests aren’t being employed, then humanity isn’t receiving effective data, or the truth.

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