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Rotating & Tilting Craft; Lazar & The Gimbal

The original Bob Lazar and Area 51 story broke in the late 80s thanks to George Knapp. Now there has been a re-emergence of Bob Lazar and his claims because of Jeremy Corbell’s film Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers. Many interesting points have been brought up in the debate over Lazar’s legitimacy. Everything Mr. Lazar has said since he first came out to the world is being scrutinized,  and rightly so in any whistle blower situation.

While breaking down aspects of the overall picture, I’ve found myself highlighting the ideas I consider most compelling. Especially themes that seem to match with what we have been hearing from TTSA, AATIP and AAWSAP members and scientists.  One of these matches could be Lazar’s description of the craft being inside a gravitational wave and how TTSA speak about engineering the space time metric. These theories may not be scientifically exact, but both seem to describe the same effect, sparing the occupants from inertia.

“Well, the craft generates its own gravitational field. Being inside that field essentially doesn’t shield you, but essentially you’re in, and this is a terrible way to say it, almost in a different realm because you’re now influenced only by that gravitational field. For instance people wonder about how a craft like this can make a turn at such high speed, a 90 degree turn, when they would imagine people slamming up against the wall or something to that effect. Well that really wouldn’t happen. Inertia would have no effect. You’re in a distortion, and don’t forget that gravity distorts time and space, so really nothing is going to influence you while you’re in there.” – Bob Lazar

Another very interesting thought I’ve heard brought up over time, and most recently submitted anonymously to, is the connection between Bob Lazar’s tilted craft comments and the Gimbal video that seems to show (prove?) that UFOs/UAP DO INDEED ROTATE/TILT! The Gimbal video showing the rotation, and featuring the flabbergasted voice of the jet fighter pilot describing the movement, is riveting evidence viewed millions of times in the past year since it was released. Bob Lazar speaking about why the Craft need to tilt almost thirty years ago may be among the most compelling of his claims to now be given credence.

“The way in which it gets propelled… are two different ways; there’s what they call “omicron configuration” where the craft is using one generator or a “delta configuration” where it’s utilizing all three. Delta configuration would be for space travel. Essentially the craft will tilt up on it’s side, as opposed to a science fiction movie where you see a flying saucer moving around, the craft will tilt up on it’s side, focus the three gravity generators to a single point, and move through space that way.”

Possible book cover or promo poster of TTSA’s Lazar autobiography. Posted by Bob Lazar’s wife and highlighted by @509thconductor.

lazar book cover

Luis Elizondo also mentioned the rotation in his most recent presentation at the CUN conference:

“…a complete ninety degree angle. That object should not be able to do that. That object should fall out of the sky, and you’re only seeing part of that video. The rest of that video remains very sensitive.”

“…and this is just one video that shows something very unusual, and for our friends here who are aerospace engineers, there’s a lot more physics behind this as well.”

There are many reasons why the remaining Gimbal footage would be “very sensitive.” In the context of this article, the speculation would be it’s because of the rotation and physics behind it, or what occurs in association with the rotation.

With every new information release, credible revelation, scientific study etc. we are going to be able to listen to older claims with fresh ears, for added perspective. Even if it isn’t conclusive proof, new information can lend to or negate previous claims in major ways. And maybe…eventually…we will have proof.

Submit references to and examples of rotating or tilted craft via the contact page.


After I published this article Jeremy Corbell was nice enough to comment and add his thoughts:

“Nice piece. Lazar talks in my film about how the craft that he was exposed to travel “in the high-power mode”, belly first. It’s a lot to wrap your mind around if you start to consider the described physics. Additionally… at some point I have to separate hour long segments for (social media) of Lazar watching and commenting on the Tic Tac and Gimbal videos, and on the general concept of what is being experienced in the media with those cases. Wouldn’t it be epic to have Lazar and Commander Fravor in the same place commenting on their experiences? I wonder if we are going to see that very very soon 🤔

What do you think George Knapp?

Stay tuned.”

Update #2:

This Amazon listing for the Bob Lazar book does not list To the Stars as the publisher.

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