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Hathaway Research International; EarthTech Isn’t The Only Show In Town

Since George Knapp released AAWSAP’s list of Defense Intelligence Reference Documents, or D.I.R.D, list, many of the authors’ studies have come to light. I previously highlighted Dr. Richard Obousy’s work. Not only are there amazing scientists and researchers studying topics that are intertwined with Government UFO and related phenomena programs, there are companies dedicated to these topics, as well. One company that many have focused on due to their links with To The Stars Academy is EarthTech International. EarthTech, among other things, is a lab utilized by TTSA’s ADAM Research Project to test Metamaterials, UFO pieces or other technology (possibly human implants). But EarthTech International isn’t the only company doing this type of research and attempting historic breakthroughs…

Dr. George Hathaway wrote two of the thirty-eight DIRDs, “Superconductors in Gravity Research” and “Maverick Vs. Corporate Research Structures.” Highlights from his biography include:

George Hathaway, P.E. graduated from the Dep’t of Electrical Engineering at the University of Toronto in 1974 and is a Registered Professional Engineer. As founder and principal of HRI, he is responsible for scientific and engineering “hands-on” project management from concept to completion and is the chief designer with final oversight and accountability whilst managing and directing multiple projects simultaneously. He is a consultant on novel and exotic materials, energy production and propulsion concepts and is expert on experimental design, analysis, testing and technical drawing and report writing. George is also a machinist with considerable experience in all cutting, turning, milling, joining and fabrication operations and is an expert on scientific and engineering measurements and their misuse. He is also a reviewer for several scientific publications and author of the book “Mindbending: The Hutchison Files”.

Twitter User Jay highlighted this article by Michael Ibison and George Hathaway entitled “SETI by Entanglement.” Jay writes:

“It’s essentially referring to quantum entanglement as a means of communication with extra-terrestrials. It suggests that a non-human intelligence may have a means of communication that’s different to the speech or acoustic methods that people use.”

Also, thanks to Twitter User Jay, we now know Dr. Hathaway has a business, Hathaway Research International, that deals with many of the topics we hear so much about.

Hathaway Research International (HRI) is a Canadian high-technology research and development company specializing in investigating advanced, novel and unconventional physics, materials, electronics, communications, energy and propulsion, using custom-built apparatus and based on fundamental measurements. HRI also investigates and analyses highly anomalous phenomena and will examine ideas and technology from anywhere in the universe.


We measure, test and explore the universe with you, the inventor, scientist or engineer. Assisting you to bring your concepts to life.

Hathaway Research International is a principal laboratory for the investigation of claims of anomalous energy production as well as unconventional propulsion and gravity-modification schemes. Clients have ranged from private individuals to universities and research institutes and international foundations.

HRI’s resume reads like a list of topics UFO researchers care about: anti-gravity, Casimir cavities, biocommunications, trans cranial magnetic stimulation, propellantless thrust, zero-point energy or how about literally:

Field investigations of anomalous aerial phenomena for private research institute.”


“Analysis of material allegedly from Anomalous Aerial Phenomenon for private research institute.”

Hathaway Research International has been collaborating with EarthTech International, aka Advanced Studies at Austin, since at least 1990 when they worked on Shoulders’ EV “over-unity” energy devices. They have also studied

It’s good to know we have so many teams of scientists working on subjects related to The Phenomenon across the world. If there is one thing we need, it’s the best minds focusing on these topics, and not just as part of classified programs or the invisible college, but out in the open as well, like Hathway Research International is at least partially doing.


Keith Basterfield wrote an amazing follow up to this story!

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