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TTSA 2018 Investor Meeting Transcript Surfaces

The TTSA investor meeting/conference call took place on December 12th, 2018. Since then, no recordings have surfaced and the transcript has been unavailable…until now! A link to the transcript has been found, posted on the TTSA website. It features rare comments shared by the seldom heard from, Jim Semivan, as well as Steve Justice and Tom Delonge.

Highlights include:

“In five years, I see the Company owner of a best-in-class laboratory for advanced physics research” – Tom Delonge

“In the science division, we have made some real progress collecting and recording new and military/civilian encounters of UAPs. I will tell you, these are really compelling witness statements.

We have also accomplished standup of the A.D.A.M. Research Project to analyze
and advance our understanding of the collected exotic materials. Two of the specific tests we are performing on the materials are x-ray fluorescence where we look for unusual element presence and unusual alloys or combination of metals. This is as well as isotope testing where we are looking for unusual versions of element atomic structures that indicate terrestrial or non-terrestrial origins. While the x-ray fluorescence test is relatively quick-turn, the isotope testing is really expensive and time-consuming. It requires really sophisticated equipment and test procedures.
As part of the analysis effort, we issued a materials analysis sub-contract. We have data collection and analysis both internal to To the Stars Academy and at an independent laboratory.
In our aerospace division, we have completed tail business plans for multiple projects and business scenarios. For example, we have issued a contract to
develop tail plans for the Beamed Energy Launch System that has the objective of launching cube sets into orbit at about 10% of the cost of current launch methods.
We are also continuing our discussions with multiple offices in the Department of Defense regarding collaboration on all of our programs. We recognize this is a relatively slow process, but we are optimistic given the increase in requests for briefings that we have seen lately.” – Steve Justice

“As we collect results, we have to consider several factors. Do we have the right to release information? Some of our agreements constrain our ability to release data. Do we have enough context to make disclosure informative and not misleading? Has the information been fully vetted to reduce unintended consequences of release? We cannot afford to release incomplete information because that can be misleading. Will releasing the information harm an actual or potential beneficial relationship? We are working with several groups right now, and we have to be sensitive to their needs and constraints. It is not just ours. Unfortunately, because of these constraints and uncertainties, we cannot commit to a release schedule. Know that we want to release products that are substantiated by fact and not by speculation. We are committed to transparency, but we have to balance our goals with context of both the short and long-term interest of the Company.” – Steve Justice

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