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“A Square That Has An Aura Around It” – Dave Fravor

A few months ago I was speaking to Jeremy Corbell via social media.  I had asked Jeremy if he had a separate source than Chris Mellon about the east coast events. Jeremy replied:

“Danny, yes. Very Separate.

Something not reported yet is that many of the East Coast 2015 AAVs were similar to what you would consider a scout. Many appeared as squares with a spherical aura surrounding them.”

Note that Jeremy uses the words “many” and “them,” possibly meaning there were multiple UFOs during the event.

Today, a groundbreaking new interview has been released with Dave Fravor, one of the pilots during the Nimitz Encounters. Researcher Keith Basterfield has done a thorough job taking notes.

There were some jaw dropping details shared during this interview. The pilot who recorded the video of the Tic Tac was Chad “Nuts” Underwood! Also, a plane almost hit a UFO off the east coast in 2015!

And maybe the most amazing comment was Fravor’s second hand description of the east coast craft. This transcript is taken from Keith Basterfield’s page:

“One of the airplanes in the squadron almost hit one. Went 100 feet down the side. They were in section and it went down the side, and they came back and said it looks like a ball with a cube inside of it, like a square that has an aura round it…

Is Fravor talking about the encounter that included the Gimbal and/or Go Fast, or is this a separate incident all together?

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6 comments on ““A Square That Has An Aura Around It” – Dave Fravor

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  2. Great podcast! Very informative and very credible. I don’t think this discovery should shatter all belief systems. Just another species to get along with.

  3. It’s disclosure, basically. I was expecting a saucer on the Whitehouse lawn, but turns out it was IR footage by professionals who can’t make sense of what they’re seeing. This is truly amazing.

    Also, the description of the cube within the beachball is so strange is makes it all the more believable.

    Regardless of personal beliefs, the door has been undeniably opened by the NAVY videos and testimony of honorable men like Fravor. Whatever we may have thought in the past, some intelligence is observing, perhaps participating in the ecology of this planet.

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  5. Rich Kranium

    It certainly is mindblowing. I wonder what the next great revelation will be? There are curious times to be living through.

  6. Tim speer

    This interview and article is awesome! Kind of mind shattering isn’t it?

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