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Navy UFO Events Took Place Off the Coast of Florida AND VIRGINIA

Since the “Gimbal” video was released in December 2017 and the “Go Fast” video was released in March 2018, many people have been trying to figure out where they took place.

Lue Elizondo spoke about a fleet of craft, referring to The Gimbal:

“What makes it even more interesting is when you hear the audio, the individuals say, ‘there’s an entire fleet of them.’ I can not go into detail why that’s important. I hope at some point the details of that will come out, but it will not come out from me. It isn’t just one and if you know the backstory behind that incident, you’re just looking at a very short video, maybe thirty or thirty-five seconds worth, but there’s an entire story, weeks and weeks and weeks worth, that go behind that video and that is what’s so compelling and if those details should come out, I think that’s going to be the ‘A-ha’ moment, the epiphany, so to speak, where people are going to look and say, ‘Holy smokes! That really is an important video. That’s not just some blurry thing on the screen.”

TTSA’s Chris Mellon made the comment about fifteen encounters off the east coast since 2015, as well as the fleet, in his Washington Post article. There have been rumors circulating behind the scenes of at least five videos filmed during the encounter. They were referenced openly by Keith Basterfield on Coast to Coast AM. Pilot Dave Fravor and investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell have given us some of the best hints and information about what occured.  Creator of The Nimitz Encounters, Dave Beaty, has also been on the forefront of citizen investigators who are looking into this occurrence.  There are claims that more witnesses from The Gimbal Events will come forward and speak in March at a conference. If more Gimbal Event videos and data is released soon, the witnesses will tie into this perfectly.

Like always, some of the most powerful comments and corroboration have been stated by George Knapp. Hours ago, on Coast To Coast AM, while interviewing defense and aviation writer and expert, Tyler Rogoway, George Knapp said this:

“In 2015 The Gimbal shows up, and not just once. We were told more than fifteen times, maybe a couple dozen times, both off the coast of Florida and subsequently off the coast of Virginia. Again involving naval craft and multiple sensors…”

This is new and exciting information stated by Mr. Knapp! Most importantly, not only did the events take place off the coast of Florida, but off the coast of Virginia, as well! Are more videos and information from the Gimbal on deck for the next big release? Will it be coupled with the USO story Tom Delonge has also teased? What about the imminent Metamaterials analysis?  Or the other rumored programs? We will have to wait and see if the March/April announcement timeline holds up, it very well could – but even if it doesn’t, judging by the writing on the wall I’d guess another drop will occur in 2019.

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4 comments on “Navy UFO Events Took Place Off the Coast of Florida AND VIRGINIA

  1. Hi Danny, I think it will be interesting whats to come from them via the 6 part documentary in May. Good stuff mate.Cheers J

  2. Marc Hurlbert

    This is an excellent report, Danny. It lays out the situation in a comprehensive manner.

  3. This points to a strategy of finding Naval officers who were involved in the incident. It is very doubtful people have an “oath of secrecy” more likely direct witnesses to the phenomena simply don’t have access to their original military /radar data. But if one can triangulate these time periods it might be possible to FOIA certain data or memos around the events.

  4. Nice compilation, Danny.

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