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“Major Hints” From Reid/Knapp; Statements Refute DIA Claims

“Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid dropped major hints that he knows potential adversaries russia and china have carried out their own military studies to figure out how ufos work and how to build their own.” – George Knapp

Major hints, indeed! Weeks ago, the first part of George Knapp’s most recent interview with former Senator Harry Reid was broadcast by KLAS Las Vegas. Tonight, the second installation aired. While the world has now viewed the interview, there are important, intricate sections and new information that need highlighting and further analysis. Let’s go:

1. AAWSAP was much more than the thirty-eight Defense Intelligence Reference Documents (DIRDs). The DIA is either wrong or not truthful when they state the only AAWSAP studies they were aware of were the DIRDs.

“The Pentagon has only confirmed the existence of 38 unclassified scientific papers produced by the study — five of those have been made public, so far. But what else is in the files?

Reid previously confirmed that the study investigated reports of UFO activity over American nuclear missile bases. He also says part of the focus was on a mysterious ranch in northeastern Utah, a property once owned by businessman Robert Bigelow.” – George Knapp

The mention of “the files” and what they contain contradicts statements from the DIA, who have allegedly said they weren’t aware of any studies produced outside the thirty-eight DIRDs. Are the DIA spokespeople misinformed or purposefully lying? We already know of other odd contradictions in the past. Who should be held accountable for these oversights, admissions, or worse by government entities? One thing is for sure, the public deserves forthright, complete and accurate information which they are not receiving.

2. George Knapp has now confirmed AAWSAP had more than fifty employees.

“The I-Team has learned Bigelow’s UFO study employed more than 50 people at one point.” – George Knapp

This again goes along with what was produced by AAWSAP. Keith Bastefield has done a great job investigating how many employees AAWSAP had. We’ve been told that many, or most, of the DIRD authors were contracted by AAWSAP. I don’t know for sure, but I would guess that means the majority weren’t actual members or employees (while some probably were.) Are we supposed to believe that these fifty or more employees sat around and did very little other than hire scientists, physicists and engineers to write papers for them? The scope of AAWSAP was huge and wide ranging. The employee’s work and accomplishments were prolific and profound.

3. We now know the full name of one of the most intriguing DIRDs, “Anomalous Acute And Subacute Field Effects on Human Biological Tissues,” written by Dr. Kit Green.

“One of the known 38 papers looked into the harmful health consequences for persons who have had close encounters.

The paper has not been made public but the chief scientist in the program spoke about it last year in Las Vegas.

‘We as part of this program looked at some cases that were really good from Brazil. In 1977, 78, it was like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, a thousand pages of documents all done by the Brazilian Air Force investigative team, 500 photographs, 15 hours of motion film, a lot of medical injuries when people encountered these craft at close range,’ said Dr. Hal Puthoff, BAASS physicist.” – George Knapp

The DIRD list that George Knapp released last July had this document titled as “Field Effects on Biological Tissues.” As with some of the other DIRDs, that seems to have been a working title or an abbreviated version.

A common theme and one of the most important UFO events of all time took place at Colares Island, Brazil. (For a detailed report on this, read Jacques Vallee’s Confrontations.) It now seems this DIRD at least partially references that event. One of the most debated topics in the UFO community is whether “the others” are good or bad. Someone I hold in extremely high regard thinks the ratio of experiences is about 75% good to 25% bad. That very well could be accurate. Colares would be an example of the 25% and as another friend once told me, it’s an example that at least all of the others aren’t our “space brothers.”

Do the DIRDs contain all out smoking guns? My guess would be no, but it is my belief the closest any of them would come to that would be this one. Out of all the DIRDs this is the document myself and “Twitter User Jay” have been the most interested in. I’ve been hoping it would be released. Who knows if that will ever happen due to its sensitive nature, but since we now know the full accurate title, maybe more can be dug up.

4. Harry Reid once again reiterates there were (are?) More UFO Programs!

Despite hints, and even some direct statements, from Lue Elizondo, George Knapp, Jeremy Corbell and others, when I published this story (highlighting Giuliano Marinkovic‘s breakthrough inference via Dr. Bernard Haisch’s articles) I caught a lot of flak. If all these statements from important trustworthy individuals weren’t enough, Harry Reid‘s now repeated declarations that other programs have studied UFOs leaves all of us who believed this to be true feeling nothing short of vindicated. Not only that, but Harry Reid tried to get a look at what these programs had produced.

“Other programs that have been done and information they have, including different pieces of evidence.” – Harry Reid

When George Knapp asked:

“Do you know what those pieces are?”

Former Senator Harry Reid replied

 “No, I’ve just heard rumors and I’m not going to get into rumors but that’s why I wanted special access to go there, and if I couldn’t go there, to have my staff go look at it.”

We knew Harry Reid wanted AATIP to become a Special Access Program (SAP) and they were denied. We learned this from Harry Reid’s 2009 letter released by George Knapp coupled with follow up comments from Mr. Knapp. Dr. Bernard Haisch also stated this, which only adds more credibility to his claims.

This has been yet another hugely important Harry Reid interview segment by George Knapp. Just one in a series of blockbuster reports that further solidify two things: 1. Harry Reid is the most open (and maybe most significant) politician in the history of the UFO subject and 2. George Knapp is hands down the greatest journalist in the UFO field, the likes of which I seriously doubt we will ever see reproduced by anyone, even as this journey we are all on continues to unfold.

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3 comments on ““Major Hints” From Reid/Knapp; Statements Refute DIA Claims

  1. Jonathan Landry

    If You listen to Reid’s interview he really emphasizes “PIECES” of evidence, hinting materials were part of AATIP.

  2. Silva Record

    Thanks, Alejandro! Wise words!

  3. Great stuff Danny! Thanks for keeping an eye on this for us. What I think is interesting here is that Luis came out on his own accord, according to him. There were insiders, former colleagues, who were not happy when he shared the existence of AATIP. Fortunately, Reid was not one of those people. So, why would the others come out of the dark? Have they been inspired by Lue? From what I understand, many – at least some – of Lue’s colleagues who were concerned are cool with it now.

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