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Government Briefed on Metamaterials; UFO Program “Alive & Well” – Elizondo

Lue Elizondo spoke at the Scientific Coalition for Ufology’s Anomalous Aerospace Phenomena Conference on 3-15-19.

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We now know that “very senior levels of this government” have been briefed on TTSA’s Metamaterial samples. Speaking about the metamaterials Lue said:

“…What makes this material so special? Now, in some cases, this material… was told it’s special. Through analysis…guess what? Not so special. Some of it is absolutely special. I won’t point out which ones on that slide but there are some that are absolutely special and have been briefed to some very, very senior levels of this government, and they do remarkable and extraordinary things and they’re built in such a way that to this day we still can’t replicate them…to this day. So, that should be very telling. Material science is a critical piece of this. You can’t just sit there and say, ‘Ah ha! I told you so.’ That’s not what this is about. This is not…this effort is not about satisfying the natural curiosity of people who want to know right now and I sad before, there’s a difference in giving information right and giving it right now.”

Lue Elizondo states that AATIP, or the same program but maybe with a different name, is currently ongoing:

“…later, my director who preceded me, unfortunately, was run out of the U.S. government because of this very caustic portfolio…a lot of stigma. And so, people like Hal and others who we had to rely upon after that director…and I took it over… they’re really…they’re the real heroes of this scenario. I was just kind of the guy that kind of can keep everybody protected and could keep it running, but at the end of the day they were the ones doing the hard work. So, if there’s anybody to thank in this scenario…is a handful of people…my former director, I can’t say his name ’cause I promised I would never…he has to make that decision if he wants to come out, but he’s certainly one of those heroes. Hal Puthoff is certainly one of those heroes. Another guy named Kit Green is one of those heroes. Another guy that I can’t mention his name is one of those heroes, because he is still fighting the fight in Washington, right now, today, today this moment running parts of this program. So, that’s encouraging, it’s alive and well. Now, is it called AATIP? I don’t know. I’d probably change the name, frankly, but other than that, it’s the same thing. It’s exactly the same… you can call it a Lincoln or Ford, it’s made in the same plant, it’s the same car, different batch.

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6 comments on “Government Briefed on Metamaterials; UFO Program “Alive & Well” – Elizondo

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  2. Is this from 1990? The slide for Government Involvement shows the Soviet Union.

  3. Elizabeth Bliss

    Thank you for what you’re doing. Maybe the masses will finally open their eyes and see..

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  5. Kenneth Mason

    Thank you for Sharing this!

  6. Arthur Iglesias

    In the name of all of us who have been looking online to know what happened in this conference: thank you for the excellent work!

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