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“That (UFO Video) is the Real Thing” – Experiencer Chris Bledsoe


Like I recently told Alejandro Rojas during his Open Minds Podcast, I can only know what’s what due to comments from direct sources. One of these sources is famed experiencer Christopher Bledsoe. Mr. Bledsoe, his original story, and ongoing experiences have been studied by many of the most credible researchers, experts, scientists and groups in the field. Tales of his experiences have been featured on TV programs and written about in books.

Some of the same scientists and experts who have studied Mr. Bledsoe don’t see eye to eye on how to interpret what’s happening to him, or what it means on a larger scale. What they do seemingly agree on is that it is occuring. This blog isn’t an attempt to prove or disprove Mr. Bledsoe’s personal opinions and views. However, objectively looking at the amount of evidence and witnesses, a compelling case can be made that he is indeed being visited by a phenomenon that does not fit our current understanding of the world. 

Author of American Cosmic: UFOs, Religion and TechnologyDr. Diana Walsh Pasulka, had this to say about Mr. Bledsoe:

“…let’s take Chris Bledsoe. So Chris Bledsoe did attract a lot of scientists and a lot of these scientists were experiencers themselves, and some of them were not, but for sure they wanted to know everything about what Chris knew and they would take that information back and they would maybe create a patent or something like that and then they would create a technology from it.”

Retired Colonel John Alexander visited Chris and saw something himself. Mr. Alexander describes what happened during this interview:

Jeffrey Mishlove: “Speaking of the ability of somebody to know in advance when something is going to happen – you describe in your book, it’s worth mentioning a case in which you were visiting some people who had had many paranormal experiences associated with orbs and lights in the sky and UFOs and on one occasion you witnessed something similar.”

John Alexander: “If you’re talking about the Chris Bledsoe case, that could be an entire program with the complexity of it but it’s absolutely real. The orb aspect actually happened here. We’re up on Mount Charleston. He and some other friends were visiting Las Vegas. We went up on Mount Charleston, literally play games with the UFOs. We were sending up balloons with chem-lights on them and things like that. So if people looked they did see a UFO. It was interesting as I had taken a series of photographs and at times they would be perfectly clear and then the next frame you’re seeing these orbs appearing in there. I get, on a relatively routine basis, I get video taken from him. Some of these by the way are in the visual spectrum, you know, you have some question where, you know, once you’ve developed film or however it’s working now with digital technology, you see these things. But they have interaction, like I say, where you can actually see…”

Jeffrey Mishlove: “Well you describe an instance where you were with him on his property and at one point he said, “I can feel they’re coming.”

John Alexander: “Oh, that’s a bit different. Yeah now that we had gone down to the Cape Fear River where his initial experience had happened – by the way this is the thing…a series of incidents that are continuing to this day.”

Jeffrey Mishlove: “This is in, was it North or South Carolina?”

John Alexander: “North Carolina, near Fayetteville. And we had gone down the Cape Fear River and he had explained where he’d seen the UFOs and what their interactions had been and hiding from creepy crawlers, I mean a terribly complex case, went back up to the cars. Now it become dark. Victoria’s daughter Emily had gotten in the backseat and Chris and I were leaning against the fender…

Jeffrey Mishlove: “Your wife Victoria.”

John Alexander: “Yeah and he’s describing… showing me where things have… what the relative positions were and all of a sudden he says, ‘Oh, I think they’re here.’ And within, you know maybe ten seconds, this thing pops into view and goes zipping off. And it didn’t fly in from someplace, I mean it literally materialized and went zipping off to the south and I saw… and the point here is the temporal relationship between him saying, you know, ‘something’s going to happen’ and then it happening…”

Bledsoe Nasa
Many scientists from different aerospace institutions have investigated Mr. Bledsoe’s case and ongoing experiences.


In the internet age, it’s extremely hard to know which videos are authentic. Even the examples that might be real, are often shot from far away without much detail displayed. They aren’t unique. When Facebook user Mike Boyle highlighted a video that Chris Bledsoe said was authentic, I had to take notice. This quote is taken from the middle of Mr. Bledsoe describing his multifaceted original experience events:

Chris Bledsoe: “When we got to the top of that hill I slammed on brakes because the same three objects that were there when I walked up at 5:00 or 5:15 were still there, two of them. The orange ones were still hovering above the trees right where they were originally, but the third one that shot down, and sat orange like the other two, now was the shape of an egg, or a football, and was sitting about five feet off the ground and about a ‘hundred, ‘hundred-fifty yards in front of my truck between me and the highway. So we sat there for a good five or more minutes doing  stand-off. We couldn’t leave. We had three landed behind us on the river bank, we had three in front of us. And this thing that was chasing the truck had disappeared and everybody was freaking out bad. We thought we were being invaded. We thought the world was coming to and end…I mean there was a lot of emotion going on, I have to tell you. And so, there was a small mobile home in the back of the field at that time, and there were two cars there, so I drove across the road, across this dirt road onto another dirt road in the back of this field. I pulled up to this mobile home, ’cause I didn’t have a cell phone. I got rid of it at that time because I had about four-hundred houses under warranty where I sold my company, and you know, people were stressing me to death so I had gotten rid of everything that could cause me to be sick, and one was the cell phone. So nobody had a phone. We had no way of telling them…so we pulled up with the intention of this house to see if somebody could call and find out what was going on and if they were…you know…if they could see this with us, if they had a camera. And one of the guys jumped out and knocked on the door. There’s the storm door was open, or the door was open and only the storm door was closed. You could see the TV playing through the front door and nobody would answer the door. It was like they wasn’t there. But they went back a day or two later to get our rods and they said, “Yeah, we were there the whole night.” So something weird went on there. A lot of the investigators know about that.”

Interviewer: “So they were probably turned off like a lot of the spouses are. You know that’s something that we have a lot of comments about. That a lot of the spouses during abductions don’t believe because they’re like deactivated. They sleep through it. Did it sound like something like that?”

Chris Bledsoe: “That’s exactly what it was like and that’s what all the other investigators are saying the same thing. They were just…turned them off somehow. Their door was open. Their TV was playing. You could watch it through their front door. And it’s a little teeny mobile home, you know, ten by sixty, with two cars in the yard, and nobody would come. So after that, nobody came to the door, I backed the truck back out, across their yard out back to this dirt road, this two rut road – I’m facing the main highway – and this craft, this football, this egg, with this light going around it…looks like, you know, these like spikes almost, like blades of light. And if you want to see a real description of this thing…there’s on youtube, you can google ‘Youtube I10, Interstate 10, UFO.’ That’s the real thing. Know it for sure, cause that’s what was there. Same kind of thing. Looked just like it, except I could see it, it wasn’t in the forest, it was in front of all five of us. So, I backed back out. I’m facing this thing. It’s sitting in the road. All of a sudden three gunshots happened. Mufon knows about it. We reported it. I don’t know if they ever found out anybody shooting at it, but for some reason somebody was shooting and when they did we all heard it. It was sideways to us, an egg, like an egg or a football, sideways to us. It turns, it rotates, it’s only five feet off the ground, and it’s pointing straight at us, and here it comes down the path to us, across that field. And oh my lord, we were freaking out bad then. And it gets closer and closer until it starts getting a little altitude and by the time it gets to us it barely cleared the trees above my truck. It went straight over the top of the truck. I opened the sunroof and I could have shot it with a homemade slingshot and hit this thing as it went over. Totally silent. And once it got past us out over the river, it shot off like it was fired out of a cannon. Just to the north of us like ‘boom,’ and it was gone. And actually someone took a photo that night down in Benson of the same thing. So there was a lot of reports that happened during that time. Mufon has a photo of it ’cause they shared it with me.”

Mr. Bledsoe’s account continues, but I will stop there. The craft he refers to with “lights going around it”, with “blades of light,” “spikes almost,” – this craft Mr. Bledsoe says is captured in this video by another witness at another time and location, allegedly Florida.

Click here to watch it on Youtube!

Still shot from the Interstate 10 UFO video.

With the added witness testimony by Chris Bledsoe, this video is extremely unique. I can’t say that I’ve ever seen another video like it. 

When this account was originally posted on social media, Dr. Bruce Maccabee volunteered this link and said, ” If you want to see a photo of a UFO with spikes check out the blow up of photo 4. Note also photographic evidence of extreme acceleration.” 

More Chris Bledsoe media appearances:

Chris Bledsoe not only went through this original event, but as John Alexander said, Chris’ experiences continue to this day. These photos and videos were shot by Chris himself, some very recently:

Chris Bledsoe Orb 1

Chris Bledsoe Orb 2


Many scientists and experts believe experiencers are the key to humans expanding their knowledge base about the Phenomenon in various ways. If that’s the case, Christopher Bledsoe may be on ground zero.

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