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UFOs Hovering for Days, Just Sitting There

Artist’s rendition by Mark.

When I heard Luis Elizondo speak publicly about craft hovering for days, with data to match, I was amazed. I wasn’t sure where, when, or how often this took place and I still have no idea. We will get back to what Elizondo said later. However, more recently, Cmdr Dave Fravor also brought up craft “just sitting there,” and even described how in fact that was what the Gimbal video shows. We don’t know if the Gimbal event included craft hovering for days or shorter periods of time, but it is extremely noteworthy in any case. Fravor also says this has been witnessed off the coast of Virginia, possibly around the same time as the Gimbal events or during those historic occurrences.

Here is an excerpt of Cmdr Dave Fravor’s interview at the UFO Fest in Oregon with George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell:

Jeremy Corbell: So, there are famously three, officially released, pentagon verified videos: your video – the Tic Tac video – the one from your command, the Gimbal video – where we see the craft that looks like just like Lazar described in that movement, and then the Go Fast video. Now, the talk about those, I want to hear the pilots that filmed the Gimbal, the pilots that filmed the Go Fast, it’s been publicly said already – so the cubes with circular auras, that’s public. So those things that we’ve talked about or heard about online, tell me about the pilots…you know…people like to argue “The Gimbal is an airplane that is just turning or banking and the heat signature is of something prosaic.” Can you talk about those other vehicles or crafts, from other pilots, and what you see in those videos?

Cmdr Dave Fravor: Yeah. Let’s start with the Gimbal video. That’s the one where the guys are talking and it starts to rotate. You know, it looks like a kind of a saucer with a thing sticking on top, the bottom does this (rotating hand motion.) OK, so I talked to one of the crews that was out there doing that, that was out there when the video was shot. If you understand what you are looking at, it’s cause people are, “ah it could be an airplane,” no, it couldn’t be. There’s debunkers that say, “oh, it’s this,” it’s not. Usually when an airplane roles at this point there’s this thing that keeps us flying, they’re wings, and wings create lift. When you go like this (sideways hand motion) there is no lift. If you don’t pull, it does this (downward falling hand motion.) So really in theory, like a ninety degree angle, a bank, who’s seen the Blue Angels or the Thunderbirds? They are really not totally at ninety, they have to…they use a little rudder and they can do some things to keep the airplane…as it flies by or there are knifeheads pass. But truly at zero degrees of ninety degrees angle bank there is zero lift being created and the airplane will start to descend. It just sits there. So if it does, it has to put ‘G’ on and you are going to see an aspect change like this (right turning hand motion.) So if it’s this way (sideways hand motion) you are going to see this (right turning hand motion) or this (left turning hand motion.) In that video you don’t see any change, it just sits there. And it roles around like this (rotating hand motion.) And it doesn’t move. You get no aspect change at all.

George Knapp: It’s not an airplane that we know.

Cmdr David Fravor: No. No, actually they almost hit one. There’s a couple things…this is all off Virginia by the way. It’s the VACAPES. So there’s whiskey areas out there too. That’s where NAS Oceana (Naval Air Station Oceana) goes out and trains. So they actually, there’s a couple things, they’ve tracked them just sitting there, they’ve tracked them at high rates of speed. They’ve been tracked lots. The radars they are using now are even better than the ones I had in the Super Hornet. It’s pretty amazing. So, more advanced technology, you know…cooler stuff…more capable. They’re seeing it. At first they thought they were…when they first saw it, they thought, “oh these are just ghost hits,” and I’m like, “no that radar really doesn’t provide ghost hits,” which are false targets. It’s pretty good. And then someone actually threw their targeting pod out there and there was something there, cause you can’t hide from the targeting pod if you’ve got any type of heat signature. And that’s what really started this, but they’ve been seen by many people as far as on the radar and there’s been a couple that have seen visual cause one guy almost hit one, it was just sitting there.

George Knapp: This is recent. This is real recent.

Cmdr David Fravor: This is within the last five years.

Jeremy Corbell: Did they describe these things as conventional aircraft or how did they describe these things they almost hit, Dave?

Cmdr David Fravor: They describe it…as well the one that almost got hit was like a clear beach ball sphere with a cube inside. So the, little apexes at each corner hit the cube. So I don’t know if it’s like a…you know…is it like a beach ball or is it like a force field? I don’t know. There’s something around it.¹

Speaking at the SCU Conference, while referencing one of the five observables “positive lift,” Luis Elizondo brought up how UAPs are able to hover…FOR DAYS:

Luis Elizondo: “And then of course, positive lift. The ability to defy the natural effects of Earth’s gravitational force. That, by the way, universally applies to us all. Now do we have technology? Sure. I mean…we have hot air balloons. That’s positive lift. We have lift, wings, right? Like an aircraft. We have the four coefficients you have to pay attention to: thrust, lift, drag, weight.

You have a jet engine that can provide that thrust. You have a propellor engine that’s kind of a mechanical way of pushing the air, if you will. And then you have rocket engines, chemical engines. But really, those are only the four, real ways we know how to defy – for any real period of time – Earth’s natural gravitational force. Other than ballistic. Right? Like a mortar. Or just popping a missile out of a silo. Yet these things can fly at these incredible speeds and yet hover like a helicopter. Sometimes for a minute. Sometimes for hours. Sometimes for days. They can drop in from 80,000 feet down to 50 feet right over the water within less than couple of seconds. Two, seconds. You tell me. I was part of a lot of government programs. I have a good, healthy background in aerospace and protecting technologies…advanced technologies when I was a young, special agent. We still don’t have that capability.²

Later on in the presentation, Luis was asked a question about craft hovering and he expanded on it:

Question: You mentioned these AAPs, UAPs have the ability to hover for days, when was this observed and what was the response?

Luis Elizondo: Stay tuned. Yes, we have actual data with these things being able to do that, from very reliable highly trained sources, and the data is there. What was done about it? Well, you saw with the Nimitz we scrambled something out to go look at it.³

Will this be covered in TTSA‘s upcoming television show Unidentified? Will this info be released somewhere else like the New York Times or via George Knapp and KLAS? Regardless if Luis Elizondo and Cmdr Dave Fravor are both talking about the Gimbal event, as Luis says, the data is there. A craft, or anything else, being able to hover or float for days, especially without being refueled, is a telltale sign of something extremely strange happening, and much much more. Like I previously hypothesized about USOs opening the public’s mind to different scenarios, data and proof regarding craft’s ability to hover for days, sit there, and stay in place for extended periods of time may have a similar effect on public perception and usher in new ideas and ways of thinking.


¹I have received written permission from all parties involved to use this interview excerpt since the official version of the video has not yet been distributed. I transcribed it myself. Jeremy is currently working to release it soon. You can read his statement here

²Transcribed by UFO Joe and used with his permission. As always, I thank him for his diligent work. Make sure to check out his website

³Transcibed by me.

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