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AATIP/Pentagon UFO Hotspot Map

During the May 26th, 2019 edition of Coast to Coast AM, George Knapp and Luis Elizondo spoke of a Pentagon UFO hotspot map in episode two of To the Stars Academy‘s new breakthrough television series Unidentified.

George Knapp: “Gary Vorhis…I hope I’m not giving too much away, but he’s in an episode. He was a radar guy. I dont know… Im trying to remember what ship he was on, maybe he was on the Princeton too, backing up the same story. He comes close to talking about something that was underwater. That he had contact with a submarine and somebody on the sub about a sonar ping. I tried to pin down Dave Fravor about this as well, about what object was seen in the water cause there was something really big. If he hadn’t seen this really big thing that was under the water, sort of creating white caps, he may not have not seen the Tic Tac at all cause it was so small. Can you address that at all? Was there something under the water, or are you going to dodge me like Dave Fravor did?

Luis Elizondo: You know what? As I’ve said before in a few…the few times I’ve spoken publicly, there seems to be some interesting correlations, and in my resignation to the Secretary of Defense, one of them was potentially our nuclear capabilities, and I won’t go into detail about that but certainly you can imagine why that would be important. But there also seems to be some very interesting…some congruences as it relates to water. Now does that mean large bodies of water, small bodies of water, running bodies of water? You know of course there is still a lot of unknowns. But there is reporting out there, alot of reporting in fact, that for some reason UAP activity is associated many many times near or above water.

George Knapp: “Um, I guess that’s all I’m going to get out of you. Let me try it this way…So this is kind of a hint from episode two, if you can talk about it. There is a UFO map. It is created by and for the Pentagon. It will be shown for the first time, highlights…I guess you could call it UFO/UAP hotspots…anything you can say about it?”

Luis Elizondo: “Um, I can say that it’s an authentic map, that is correct, and there were areas designated where UAP activity had been observed.”

AATIP’s use of hotspot maps is interesting. The majority of researchers subscribe to the idea that hotspots exist, but UFO hotspots have been a debated topic. Dr. Eric Davis and possibly the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) organization didn’t seem to agree with the notion after studying it, saying that you could throw a dart on a map randomly and find a hotspot. However, and possibly before coming to that conclusion, they investigated Skinwalker Ranch among other hotspot areas.

After I tweeted about the map, researcher Jason Goldthorpe mentioned this quote by Unidentified television series producer, Anthony Lappé, during Anthony’s interview with Martin Willis:

Martin Willis: “And you know, the thing that I’ve always thought as I’ve looked at this subject over the years, is that it is so strange that there is reoccurring what they call ‘flaps’ or whatever. You know, it just makes you wonder why they’re in one area. You know, it’s a big world to explore.”

Anthony Lappé: “And that is one of the topics that we actually get into. That’s a really good point. That is one of the questions that we ask because we clearly are seeing that there are some sort of what they call ‘hotspots’ for these incidents that are happening in certain parts of the world. And even as, I believe you see in episode one (two), AATIP even created a map in 2009 that we reveal that shows some of…just a very small smattering of plot points on a global map where the military had reporting seeing incidents. So that is one of the enduring mysteries of this whole thing which is fascinating and we delve into that question. Again, probably raising more questions than we have answers, but we definitely are…this show I hope will push the needle forward in this conversation…”

Now the History Channel and Unidentified have seemed to release a version of the map:


Hotspot Map
Is this just a generalized promotional graphic or does this represent the actual Pentagon map displaying AATIP’s findings?

Detractors of TTSA’s efforts and critics of the show have speculated wildly, claimed and even hoped that Unidentified would not include any new information, thus being written off quickly and forgotten – proving their disparaging comments right and returning the UFO research community to the doldrums of previous decades where the flow of information was much slower, and sometimes nonexistent. A place where they apparently feel comfortable and thrive in. But we do not.

I expect there will be serious information bombs dropped (including the map) in the show, or surrounding it, that will change the UFO “conversation” as Luis Elizondo has stated. If the recent Navy reporting guideline changes, the Pentagon admitting AATIP studied UFOs, and the blockbuster NY Times article (elements of which have appeared in Silva Record over the past days and months – before the NY Times – thanks to public comments from TTSA, Lue Elizondo, Chris Mellon, George Knapp, Dave Fravor, Jeremy Corbell, Dr. Eric Davis and Dave Beaty) aren’t enough to do so, then maybe unverified but seemingly solid rumors of partnerships between TTSA and Lockheed Martin/Boeing coming to fruition will. Highly plausible partnership scenarios aside, Unidentified will have already released new information immediately proving the detractors wrong in episode two, namely the Pentagon/AATIP UFO hotspot map. Episode two is also slated to discuss trans-medium travel, or the ability to travel through space, air and water almost equally. An ability no known man-made technology possesses. Less than two years ago we would have never imagined the pentagon releasing gun camera footage of UFOs/UAP. Since then, the Navy has admitted multiple sightings and interactions with UFOs around each coast of the United States and the middle east. Apparently in episode two we will also be able to confirm the government’s ufo program, AATIP, tracked these occurrences in many more locations than previously known. An admittance of a government UAP hotspot map by ex-government employees is shocking and yet another piece we can fit into the greater confirmation/disclosure puzzle.

Is this the map featured in episode two or just a promotional version? We will have to wait until June 7th to find out.

Update June 7th:

The map shown during episode two was extremely similar to the previously released map.

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