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“You Will See Members of the Current Real (UFO) Program (on Unidentified)” – Tom Delonge

The world is on the edge of their seat wondering what bombs will be dropped during the TTSA’s Unidentified television show. The critics and detractors who have claimed and hoped no new information would be presented were massively off target and are no longer credible. I touched on that during my last blog, “AATIP/Pentagon UFO Hotspot Map.” However, the map which will be featured during episode two may only be the tip of the iceberg.

Last winter, we heard rumblings during George Knapp’s interview with Luis Elizondo about one of, or a future, current United States UFO Program. Here is part of George Knapp’s article:

“Among the potential developments in 2019, could the Pentagon launch a new, publicly acknowledged UFO study effort?

Reporter George Knapp: “Something like AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program), when a larger, not only private TTSA, but also on the inside?”

Elizondo: “Wouldn’t that be a great accomplishment George?”

Elizondo hints that some pretty big UFO news will be breaking in 2019.”

Mr. Elizondo also confirmed that a version of AATIP is ongoing, although it may have a different name:

“…later, my director who preceded me, unfortunately, was run out of the U.S. government because of this very caustic portfolio…a lot of stigma. And so, people like Hal and others who we had to rely upon after that director…and I took it over… they’re really…they’re the real heroes of this scenario. I was just kind of the guy that kind of can keep everybody protected and could keep it running, but at the end of the day they were the ones doing the hard work. So, if there’s anybody to thank in this scenario…is a handful of people…my former director, I can’t say his name ’cause I promised I would never…he has to make that decision if he wants to come out, but he’s certainly one of those heroes. Hal Puthoff is certainly one of those heroes. Another guy named Kit Green is one of those heroes. Another guy that I can’t mention his name is one of those heroes, because he is still fighting the fight in Washington, right now, today, today this moment running parts of this program. So, that’s encouraging, it’s alive and well. Now, is it called AATIP? I don’t know. I’d probably change the name, frankly, but other than that, it’s the same thing. It’s exactly the same… you can call it a Lincoln or Ford, it’s made in the same plant, it’s the same car, different batch.”

We have also received many comments about “More UFO Programs.” Make sure to read that blog in full, because it is very important.

img_3927 Read the “More UFO Programs” blog, it is very important.

Now, Tom Delonge has stated to Rolling Stone Magazine that members of one of the current programs will be featured towards the end of the Unidentified series, season one. I take Tom’s comments as meaning a current United States program in addition to intelligence agents from NATO allies, however, I’m speculating and won’t know this for a fact until the episodes air. Here is the quote so you can judge for yourself:

You told me that Unidentified gets “gnarly” at the end. What did you mean?
You’re going to see stuff towards the last couple episodes that … you’ve never seen this kind of stuff, dealing with this subject, on television. On television, it’s usually guys chasing lights in the sky and they’re out in the middle of the desert. You will see the Majority Leader of the Senate, Harry Reid. You will see the intelligence agents of other NATO allies. You will see members of the current real program. You won’t see their faces, but you’ll see elements of that. You’ll see the data, you’ll see us dealing with Congress. And what you’re going to see is the world being awakened.

We didn’t do this to make a TV show. We did this as a way to get the people ready to pressure Congress further. That is what the show’s about for me. We did not do this for entertainment. I didn’t just want to sell a show. This is To the Stars Academy doing its job and a camera following us. Because everything we’re doing is gathering the info and getting the Congressional leadership to understand what’s going on. And that’s why it leaked in the press. That’s us, and this is all part of a long, multi-year strategy to awaken everybody.

Another important thread to note – not only has Tom Delonge commented about NATO allies, Chris Mellon also recently mentioned them to FOX News:

FOX News: And we’re not the only country that is having these encounters.

Chris Mellon: Absolutely not. In fact, as our investigation unfolds over the first six episodes this season, we’re going to be presenting information from a NATO ally that’s been having very similar experiences.”

What other shocking accounts will season one of Unidentified present to the public? Like the Navy guidelines announcement and the New York Time’s Gimbal chronicle¹ ) what other shocking stories will come out during or after Unidentified that will continue to make international news and change the “discussion?” How will UFO experiences by Nato allies be accepted by the media and general public around the globe? We will have to wait for the rest of the episodes to unfold in order to find out.

Tom Delonge in Washington DC – Unidentified episode one
Tom Delonge – Unidentified episode one
Washington DC – Unidentified episode one

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