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“AATIP is No Longer Run by a Single Office” – Elizondo

Despite seemingly incomplete statements from government spokespeople and inaccurate media reports, readers of Silva Record, and those following Lue Elizondo’s comments closely, have known that AATIP did not end. Other statements from highly credible individuals have pointed to more UFO programs existing, some of which may be housed in special access programs and/or private contractors. Lue Elizondo himself has stated this specific current UFO program, the ongoing incarnation of AATIP, is “alive and well.” Recent comments from Tom Delonge let us know this current United States government UFO program would be highlighted during the season finale of Unidentified.

Narrator: “Over the past year (Lue) has been communicating behind the scenes with a new team of Pentagon intelligence officers who are studying UFOs.”

Lue Elizondo: “Aatip is no longer run by a single office. There’s now several offices that are engaged in this effort. We meet with people regularly involved with this effort.”

“There are extremely qualified people, whom I trust, whom I personally know, that are still running this effort. And it is being run with official blessing.”

This new information, that the current version of AATIP is no longer run by a single office, may be an important revelation for those investigating the inner workings of these programs, whether via FOIAs or other means. It represents a new avenue that can be explored for researchers. I can only hope the public will let the idea of a current ongoing UFO program within the government sink in and possibly start to get more attention and press. Theoretically it should change the paradigm and they way people view the subject. The program isn’t in the past, it is currently operational.

Another interesting comment to note, which was revealed during the scene with the current program managers, was there still may be bad blood due to Elizondo’s resignation and public stature.


Lue Elizondo: “Right before the meeting concluded I was pulled aside and shared some private information that there is still some animosity regarding my departure. I didn’t ask for this portfolio, it was given to me. And I committed myself to it from day one. You’re given a mission and your job is to finish that mission.”

When Elizondo resigned and came forward, he received threats from within the Pentagon. This was first stated during his interview with Giuliano Marinkovic.

Does this current program deal with metamaterials a.k.a. UFO debris? Elizondo stated that “some very, very senior levels of this government” have been briefed not only on UFOs, but metamaterials themselves. We have now received confirmation from Senators and even the President himself that they have been briefed on UFOs.  Is it fair to guess that metamaterials were also included in these briefings? In yet another shocking and honest proclamation by TTSA members in mainstream news, when Tucker Carlson asked Elizondo if the United States Government had in their possession UFO debris, Elizondo replied “Simply put, yes.”

But the hits didn’t stop there. Today on July 5th, 2019, Tucker Carlson’s interview with President Trump aired. Inspired by his recent talk with Elizondo, Carlson asked the president about Elizondo’s debris claim. An old political tactic often highlighted by Hunter S. Thompson was “make (them) deny it.” His meaning was that even a denial puts the idea out there in the press and to the world. While the President denied knowledge of debris, it represented a huge win for TTSA and the subject in general.  Let me say this another way:

In case you are wondering if To the Stars Academy is getting the job done and moving the ball forward, Elizondo’s own statement was just brought up to the President of the United States on national TV.

Elizondo said a year ago the conversation would change. Many of the things I have highlighted in this blog are evidence of that happening. Even the Navy have changed their UFO reporting guidelines. With the A.D.A.M. Project, the SCOUT app, the Vault Database, continuing interactions with governments, and surely a season two of Unidentified on the way, the effort is not stopping.

Lastly, something I didn’t think we would hear in Unidentified season one was the topic of aliens or other intelligences. Chris Mellon talked about the reasoning behind this in one of the episodes:

“The alien angle on this is the biggest impediment to progress, and i want to steer as far clear of that as possible in any discussions.”

However, in the season finale, they didn’t exactly shy away from it. I will leave you with this quote from George Knapp in the closing moments of the show:

“The day will come when this occurs to you: that its real, that there’s some other intelligence here, that it’s far more advanced than us, that it could do whatever it wants to us and we’d be powerless against it.”

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6 comments on ““AATIP is No Longer Run by a Single Office” – Elizondo

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  3. Patrick Kelley

    Good stuff…
    The absolute reason for the control and secrecy of UFOs is information/knowledge..

    Information is the most valuable source of power and money. Always was and always will be.
    Lockheed, Nothtrup, Booz, Boeing, cia, dia, naval intelligence… elites control the info, technology, and knowledge of reality, therefore money and power!

  4. Marc-André Coulombe

    Very good summary of what’s happening indeed. With all this unfolding, another takeaway is that it’s becoming more and more obvious who’s just afraid of the unknown and who’s serious about understanding UFO, who’s knowledgeable and who’s not afraid asking real questions.

  5. Keith Basterfield

    Good summary Danny. Might I suggest that one of the offices now involved, would be US Navy Intelligence.

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