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Lobbyist Kloetzke Believes President & Various Members of Congress Viewed Classified UFO Videos

In a now ongoing story of massive proportions, The President of the United States and a growing number of members of Congress have admitted, even volunteered, that they have been briefed on UFOs. This turn of events has been sparked by a fire that To the Stars Academy lit in December, 2017, when one the government’s “UFO” programs, AATIP, was exposed in major news pieces. As important was the formation of To the Stars Academy who have now delivered on their promise to engage Washington and get the subject in general serious attention.

Delonge has chimed in recently saying:

Few people are closer to this story (and willing to go on the record about it) than Washington DC resident, Chase Kloetzke. Mrs. Kloetzke describes herself as an “Author, Forensic Investigator, Explorer,” but maybe most relevant to this blog and recent events, Chase is a lobbyist. (For more on her background visit

After hearing about the work Mrs. Kloetzke is doing in Washington DC, which she recently recapped in an interview with George Knapp on Coast to Coast AM, and after reading her honest and bold tweets on the subject, I wanted to know more. Mrs. Kloetzke was nice enough to answer questions for Silva Record readers:

DS: Why are security clearances needed for lobbyists?

CK: This is most likely not the case for all Lobbyists, but it is essential for UAP efforts. A Lobbyist can educate, influence and bring content on this topic. However, to be part of a discussion with Lawmakers and essential personnel, you need a clearance. This is because of the “still classified” status on information. There is a momentum in DC and it seems everyone wants information and this is what I am trying to do. We need 50 more people to talk to officials.

DS: Have briefed members of Congress seen the classified extended UFO videos, including the extended Gimbal video?

CK: Knowing how DC and “National Security” works, I believe absolutely. We must imagine the people in the briefings. The military brass alone would be impressive to any civilian. The room would have the right people to see that and more but ONLY with an appropriate clearance or read in (status) which can on occasion happen but rarely.

DS: Other than the extended classified videos, what might be contained in these briefings?

CK: I believe detailed information on physical materials and analysis and other findings from known sources. The written briefs are also important as this is what is left with everyone I/others speak to. We leave a written record for them to maintain details and reference when needed. Would they qualify to see any extended footage? Absolutely! The briefing and meeting are for exactly this. “What’s going on? Do you have proof or certainty? Show us what you got….”etc.

DS: Has President Trump seen the extended videos during his briefing?

CK: I would say, yes. One thing I know from working within the DOD, you do not want “your boss” to get information from others when it’s in your wheelhouse. I do believe POTUS would have been given the same best evidence briefing with his senior people in the room.

DS: You were asked a question by a twitter user, “Do you think (congress & lawmakers) saw Gimbal blasting off after it went vertical?” You answered, “1000%.” Can you elaborate on that?

CK: That “1000%” answer is not direct or confirmed knowledge as the question asked was “what we thought,” so I answered with pure confidence that the Congress and Senate saw the videos, in full. Of course they did, as they sit on the very committees with the need to know.
Their reactions by demanding more information on the now working UFO team at the Pentagon and further evidence, demonstrated they heard and saw more than the viral videos that just show a small portion, (the videos) all over every media (outlet) for almost 2 years. Something struck them and hard!

DS: What do you think of Congressman Walker’s statements on National Television and his letter to Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer?



CK: It is statements like these…why I believe Lawmakers have seen more! He mentions that he has been briefed and it really seems like he wants a lot more information…

DS: Are all members of Congress being briefed on Unidentified Objects aka UFO/UAPs or are only certain members getting the briefings?

CK: I’m sorry I can’t answer that. But I do listen very closely to Tom! When you are talking to people from the hidden world of government services, you need to be able to stitch together statements and read between lines. I remember when Pete (Kloetzke) was giving (Richard) Dolan an authorized tour on a top of secret Boomer (Trident submarine), Richard asked one of the sailors a question. The sailor told him that he could not answer him but then told him to search the answer online. The answer may be easier to find IF you know where to look and listen carefully.
Tom and Lue may be trying to point us in the right direction or inspire us to do a little digging!

DS: President Trump made positive comments about UFOs to George Stephanopoulos and Tucker Carlson. He admitted to being briefed on UFOs. He also said some seemingly negative things that don’t mesh with what we know, namly, he said he didn’t know anything about (Elizondo’s) claim of crash debris held by the government. Referring to UFOs in general, Trump said he didn’t particularly believe it. Why the differences in sentiments, especially if he has seen the classified extended videos?

CK: My reaction to his comments and obvious contradictions in his answers was at first sympathy. Can you imagine sitting in the Oval Office with very serious issues pushed through everyday to now hear that we have unknown objects in our skies interacting with our military? For a lack of a better word, UFO/UAP? He was probably “gobsmacked”. He probably wondered at first if he heard them right. I understood the “didn’t particularly believe it” because this is a common first reaction to people who know very little to nothing about the very real phenomena. As an investigator, I have heard comments like this a hundred times followed by, “but this is what happened”. He went on to say how he believed his pilots. I am sure they did not walk in with just stories to retell, they would not have this appointment if they didn’t have more for the President, and they would present what they had. This reality, when first realized is a process and I believe our President reacted as expected. Not knowing anything about Lue and crash retrieval? I can only guess but POTUS was most likely briefed with the Pilots in the room to explain and video would make the case. They probably never said Lue’s name but stuck to the facts especially to the President. It would be smart to leave out extra information not related to the evidence being presented during the briefings.

DS: How can UFO/UAP issues in Washington garner more attention and headlines during a time of so much political strife?

CK: It seems that one side is focused on impeachment and the other on FISA warrants and Dossiers. I try to spot and identify those not on the front lines of the above and instead work around them. You have to figure out how DC works. It’s complicated. I have wasted time and made a couple of mistakes but I am learning, I don’t want to spend much time trying to brief elected officials that would normally be a great contact, if they’re not on the insider’s list, invited to the oval office. I try to pay attention to those that are welcomed. This is NOT political for Lobbyists, our job is to influence business and government leaders to create legislation or conduct an activity that will help a particular organization. (Literal definition) The security Agencies and Military seem to have the best access to the President. With this said, talking with Military Leaders, active and retired, is making the biggest impact. For now.
Danny, do you ever wonder what the “thing” was that caused Lue (Elizondo) to “feel” like he needed to get information to the top? Whatever it was, it was important enough for a man to leave his job and tell the world what he could. That in itself should cause people to at least sit back and listen.

DS: What committees have been involved in briefings? What are the different dynamics between the committees? Are certain committees more so outliers? Do specific committees hold more weight or have more potential to enact change for the UFO topic in the long run?

CK: I can’t answer what committees are involved, I know some but still cannot answer that. Certainly the “threat assessment” responsibility is so vast, we can start with the Secret Service to state led Law Enforcement. This task is unbelievably huge. The Agencies, Homeland Security, Military and DOD… Then there are also active players in the civilian or private industry such as Blackwater, (as of June of this year, known as the Constellis Group, when it was purchased by the Apollo Holdings Group. It is currently for sale if not already purchased). Every military base has an active threat assessment team and the list goes on and on. I believe 100% that TTSA has identified the right people and continue to work with the Government for proper and truthful evidence and realistic conversation. There can be NO speculations or proclamations. Only facts and the evidence to back the facts can be presented. TTSA has this. I continue talking with the Military and a few elected officials but truthfully they have the ball. Without TTSA, we most likely would be waiting another 50 years for something to breach the secrecy. We cannot do this without Government sources and by nurturing the “can’t trust the Government.” For 50 years (this) has produced very little and certainly nothing as relevant as Government insiders coming out and banding together. We still read everyday the old, so 1990’s, distrust of any Government person interested in this topic. “They have a background in the CIA, they must not be trusted!” I believe for those paying attention; the actions of a Rock Star that has catapulted this phenomena right to the President of the United States is incredibly news worthy and worth looking into why! So far, I have not seen the horrible actions against witnesses the UFO Field has often fostered. I haven’t seen the Discredit campaign by TTSA but I watched Ufologists write and wield accusations against those working the front line, to only be wrong. Again and again. They should be blotted out. TTSA is a Game Changer and an excellent example of Professionals that understand sophisticated topics and they are not spending time on Social Media and listening to the latest Carnival Barker on internet radio. GAME CHANGERS!

DS: How might DTRA fit into the UFO topic?

CK: DTRA (Defense Threat Reduction Agency) based at Fort Belvoir (and other locations) is the perfect example of another Threat Assessment Agency that would want to be in the loop. Travel down the road and it’s hard not to spot one security HQ after another.

DS: Do you have other people helping your efforts in DC. If so, who are they and what do they do?

CK: I am solo at this time. I am building an extraordinary but small team of experts and former officials for “Think-tank” discussions and more information. Disclosure has happened. UAP/UFOs are real. Our Government is paying attention and also working it. Now, I believe our next step is “who exactly are they and what do they want”? This group will tackle these questions as a Counter-intelligence task exactly like any Agency or local Law Enforcement. Example: there’s a new gang in town, how do they communicate? What are their activities, who are their known contacts, etc. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel on how to solve the questions, we follow extremely known successful methods and techniques already in play. As a lobbyist, at this moment, I lobby for the People.

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