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Different UFO Shapes; Different Functions

(Artist’s rendition by Mark.)

As long as UFOs have been talked about, people have wondered why different shapes have allegedly been seen. The Navy UFO events brought new shapes of UFOs out into the forefront to be debated and studied in the public realm. Research may also be taking place behind the scenes.

This diagram was shown during the season finale of TTSA’s Unidentified.

The shapes that have been reported during the USS Nimitz and USS Roosevelt events are amazing. A new twist on the classic cigar, now known as the Tic-Tac, the steadfast saucer (or some form of it), the small circular foo fighter or orb, and then a somewhat new and puzzling description of the “cube in a sphere” or a “square in a circular aura.”

Almost anyone following recent UFO news over the past year and 1/2 have heard about the Nimitz Event Tic Tacs off the coast of San Diego. I won’t rehash too much of that story other than the part that stuck out to me. Pun intended. We found out during Jeremy Corbell’s interview with Cmdr. Dave Fravor that there were L shaped appendages at the the bottom of the Tic Tac.

Corbell: And so you had mentioned to me they were L-shaped appendages underneath the vehicle, the tic-tac?

Fravor: Yeah, like if you’re looking at it, you know…go about… I don’t know 20%, 25% down and kind of come out make like a little L, to the right, like a little down 90 degree slope. They almost look like little just feet sticking out the bottom. Could be antennas.

Corbell: Were both of the L shapes going to one side or the other or were there two symmetrical…

Fravor: Yeah, I believe they both went to the right. So we’re looking at it, you know it goes off to the left side, so they came down and pointed out to the right side. They don’t go that far down. I mean, the way they’re zoomed in there they’re pretty close to the object, you know, zoom wise.

A recreation of the cube in a sphere during TTSA’s Unidentified.

Jeremy Corbell was also the first person to go on record describing the cubes in spheres. I had asked him if he had separate sources other than Chris Mellon when he talked about what are now known as the east coast Roosevelt/Gimbal events. Jeremy responded:

“Danny, yes. Very Separate.

Something not reported yet is that many of the East Coast 2015 AAVs were similar to what you would consider a scout. Many appeared as squares with a spherical aura surrounding them.”

Then David Fravor reiterated these comments when he described the shape:

“One of the airplanes in the squadron almost hit one. Went 100 feet down the side. They were in section and it went down the side, and they came back and said it looks like a ball with a cube inside of it, like a square that has an aura round it…

Since I wrote that blog in January of 2019, Chris Mellon and Lieutenant Ryan Graves have gone on the record describing the crafts, as well.

Chris Mellon spoke about the cubes on Fox Radio. (Thanks to UFO Joe for the transcript.)

Chris Mellon: So, what Lt. Graves and his comrade, Lt. Accoin, who were deployed on the East Coast with an F-18 squadron, some of the vehicles they’ve seen and described, in the New York Times article, are spherical. They’re perhaps six to ten feet across. And they’re transparent, like a soap bubble with a black cube inside. And the edges of the cube are touching the interior of the bubble. Now…

Harris Faulkner: Again, no engine, no nothing, no…it doesn’t look like…wings?

Chris Mellon: No idea how something like that…if it were a helium filled balloon, you know, that would make sense. But then, how does it fly? How does it maneuver? So these things are observed going hundreds an miles per hour. Sometimes, close to supersonic speed. And too small, evidently, to have any kind a pilot aboard. These things…one final point that you might find of interest..these things are sometimes seen flying in formation.

Harris Faulkner: Like birds or like our own fighter planes?

Chris Mellon: Yeah, like, you know, a v-shaped formation.

Lt. Graves on Unidentified:

 “It was basically a cube inside of a sphere where the points of the cube where touching the outside of the sphere.”

When the Gimbal video was first released many people thought it was showing a classic saucer.

Since then we have received more information that highlighted the fact it may have been slightly different then that classic shape. Here is a conversation that took place on Unidentified season one, episode four, between Lt. Graves, Lue Elizondo and Cmdr. Fravor:

Elizondo: There’s parts of this video that we can talk about, that aren’t here. Let’s walk through that.

Graves: So this object was significantly larger than the ones we’re used to seeing.

The (smaller cube craft) were essentially flying themselves in a formation. And then behind those was the object…

…as you can see here it almost looks like a gyroscope right? The way it moves, the points coming out of the top and the bottom, what appear to be a disc or at least a central mass on the object. So these objects were proceeding in one direction, the five at some point, basically just turned themselves around, with some type of radius, a turn, as a unit and starting flying in the other direction. At this time is pretty much where you see this video, where these are now out of the picture, and it’s just this guy that’s stationary.

Elizondo: Is that why they refer to them as “there’s a whole fleet of them?”

Graves: Yup. So there wasn’t a whole fleet of these (larger craft) there was just all these little guys. And then there was the one object which we had never seen before that was significantly larger.

Later on Cmdr. Fravor chimes in:

Fravor: This is important. Now we’re looking at something that can stay stationary over a geographic point, at 120 knots of wind, can rotate around, and then can accelerate above supersonic.

Now thanks to Unidentified, we know there were four shapes during the Navy events, and we now know the shape from the Go Fast video.

Narrator: In the 2004 Nimitz incident, navy pilots went head to head with a tic tac shaped object. 10 years later, Roosevelt pilots said they encountered 3 different craft; a cube inside a sphere, a large disc shaped ufo, and a smaller round object captured here.

Shapes of craft are getting attention in other places as well. According to Rich Hoffman, board member of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies, his group is currently working on a “comprehensive shapes study over time.” While writing this blog I wanted to talk about the differences in the crafts seen by the Navy, but that wasn’t the main point I wanted to highlight. The logical next question that many people ask is what are the purposes of the different craft, not only during the Navy events, but the different crafts witnessed over time. Apparently these questions and ideas have been kicked around in the pentagon and possibly even studied there. Allow me to highlight this now long forgotten but blockbuster quote from Lue Elizondo. During a joint interview with Elizondo and MUFON’s Jan Harzan, exactly one year ago in July 2018, George Knapp asked:

George Knapp: Jan, I’m wondering if since the Tic-Tac video came forward, whether MUFON has gone through its files to look for similar type craft? Have they popped up before? You’ve heard the argument that, you know, UFOs seem to evolve over time and they’re always just one or two steps ahead of what our aviation or aerospace capabilities are. Is there any evidence that something like Tic-Tac has been around a long time?

Mr. Harzan’s answer wasn’t noteworthy, however, after Harzan spoke Elizondo chimed in and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since.

Lue Elizondo: I will say, George, there are some…there was some speculation and some theories within the department on the shapes of these craft and what I will say is it was the conclusion of many within the organization that the shape of the craft was a result of the function of the craft. And I’ll leave it at that, but whether it’s a disc or a Tic-Tac i.e. or a cigar or a triangle, may very well just be a function of the craft. What’s it’s intended purpose is.

George Knapp: So they’re not building something to look good and have tail fins like a Cadillac, they’re building something as a function of whatever the technology is, the physics of how it works.

Lue Elizondo: Correct, correct.

lue shapes meme

I don’t think Mr. Elizondo would have said this if he didn’t think it had credence. There are some pretty big takeaways from this comment alone. (1) Members of the government have been studying or at least thinking about the different shapes of UFOs. (2) They actually concluded the shapes were due to function, thus answering the question that so many members of the public have asked. As we have seen time and time again, the answer to one question only leads to more. Important questions still remain. Were these off hand remarks by members of the government or did they study the functions of the different shapes of craft? If so, how in depth did this study go? And maybe the most important question of all… What were these different functions? If information and even answers like this are contained in the AAWSAP/AATIP database reports, talked about by Harry Reid, I can only imagine how much this would help disclosure if released to the public, seemingly overnight.

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