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Congressman Mark Walker Wants To Know if Elizondo’s UFO Debris Claim is True

Thanks to Chris Wolford for this lead. On 7-26-19 Congressman Mark Walker appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight. The congressman, who is the member of the Homeland Security Committee, sent a letter to Navy Secretary Richard Spencer asking for answers. Walker references the new infrared radar systems in the jets that are picking of UAP/UFOs. Walker says he has no evidence to support that UFOs come from other countries, but they don’t know if they do. Walker wants to know if AATIP has continued. When asked about Lue Elizondo’s claim that the United States has UFO Debris (metamaterials) he said, “We don’t know, but that’s one of the four questions that we are asking. Is there evidence being held somewhere (not to get too spooky once again) but if there is evidence I believe it’s important for people specifically in my position, as the ranking member of terrorism/counter-intelligence, we need to know what this is.”

First Trump was asked about Elizondo’s claim, now another important politician has been directly asked by Tucker Carlson about UFO Debris. TTSA has been claiming to have been collecting UFO Debris aka Metamaterials for over a year, but this new attention on whether the United States has them, thanks to Elizondo’s comment on Tucker Carlson Tonight months ago, and starting with the first New York Times article, could be an opening in the conversation that Disclosure activists have been asking for. Today’s comments represent another huge win for To the Stars Academy. Hopefully the buzz in Washington will continue and the politicians asking for answers (and the public) will receive them.

UPDATE 7-30-19:

The letter has been released!

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11 comments on “Congressman Mark Walker Wants To Know if Elizondo’s UFO Debris Claim is True

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  3. Brent Hale

    Actually, we do have debris (and intact craft) held by our government. Carswell AFB was said to have had some “a little past Roswell” like around 1953, Edwards doesn’t, but is said to be an active meeting place (and supposedly where Nixon viewed craft or remains), Vandenberg has some, strangely Dyess was supposedly where “certain” types were sent, Kirtland has debris, Area 51 definitely has them but deep underground on Sublevel 5E some 800 ft below the base, Peterson was said to be “interesting” to them until Cheyenne Mountain changed posture, AF Technical Laboratory at Patrick was said to have a unit to “process certain material”. Much of this was told to me at various times by various people. But yes, I really do believe we have them.

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  5. The first question posed by poster “Someone with Answers” is incorrectly framed. There are no UFOs being held by the US government. And there never have been. However, if the question had been framed thusly as below, the answer well possibly could be different:

    “Does the US Government have, within its possession, technological artifacts of non-human origin?”

    The term “UFOs” will always get a non-response, or just a flat-out no. “UAPs” also. I suspect that the reason why is that there is a different identifer that is being used.

    Frame the questions correctly, use the right nomenclature, and the key will fit the door.

    My two cents.

  6. Geoff Pace

    There is plenty – een a plethora – of evidence of these UFO/UAP type craft wafting through our air and into our seas over the past 8 decades. This is the classic elephant in the living room approach to the subject. The ONLY reason this is not brought to the fore is greed. The military industrial complex wants ALL these toys from “them” for their own nefarious purposes. Period

  7. Someone with answers

    4 Questions:

    1. Does the US Government have in their possession wreckage from a UFO
    2. Is AATIP Still Running
    3. Have we been in communication with them
    4. Have we reverse engineered any tech

  8. Onward!

  9. It is an interesting situation legally. To the Stars is using the metamaterials testing to solicit more purchases of its nonprofit corporation shares. Thus, if the whole metamaterial testing thing is fraudulent in some way, they risk criminal liability under different state blue sky stock solicitation laws and plain old consumer protection laws. They must (I hope) know this. So perhaps by proceeding with this stock solicitation, they feel they are making legitimate claims.

  10. Marc-André Coulombe

    Now, THIS is interesting!

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