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Delonge Confirms TTSA “Technical Collaboration” with Lockheed, Boeing, Bigelow Aerospace & BAE


Tom Delonge posted this photo to Instagram on 8-8-19.

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3 comments on “Delonge Confirms TTSA “Technical Collaboration” with Lockheed, Boeing, Bigelow Aerospace & BAE

  1. Marc Hurlbert

    Ron Kita: I don’t understand. Why would those companies fire them for those patents?

  2. As far as major corporations and advanced propulsion, I know the Dr Fred Alzofon, Boeing engineer was fired from Boeing for his Anti-gravity paper 81-1608. Also my late friend. Henry “Hank” Wallace was fired from GE Aerospace. His patents US3626605 and 606. Most corporations are concerned with Quarterly Profits…and use other people s money or our Government money. Not sure IF you ever contacted the BAE, now BAE Systems, Project Greenglow researchers of the past. Ad astra per ardua, Ron Kita, Chiralex

  3. Richard Sarradet

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