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Bigelow Aerospace Tweets Alleged Orb Video

On Friday, 9-20-19, possibly in honor of the Storm Area 51 movement, the Bigelow Aerospace twitter account tweeted this photo:

They then followed it up with this video that left their followers shocked, amazed and wondering what they were looking at: was able to get an exclusive comment from a source that said:

“It is an orb recorded in a highly secure Bigelow Aerospace facility in Las Vegas. It caused quite a bit of speculation when the image was captured. Absolutely nothing could get in or out of that particular structure but yet, something did…”

It seems Bigelow Aerospace is speculating this could be a video of an Orb. They are at the least confident enough to share it on social media.

As with most anomalous claims, not everyone is convinced. Scott Browne, who was featured in Diana Walsh Pasulka’s book American Cosmic said:

Scott Browne: My degree is in digital imaging and photography and I’ve been doing this for over 30 years… I hunt anomalies with cameras and I have shot the same thing dozens of times. I’m not sure what they’re claiming that this is, but it’s either an insect or a dust particle out of focus in front of the camera… nothing more.”

Scott Browne also shared these example photos.


However, Mr. Browne’s example photos were not taken in secure facilities. A facility that may end up being one of the most important aspects to this story.

Another person featured in American Cosmic, experiencer Chris Bledsoe, has shared numerous videos of what he believes are orbs.

While this may not be definitive proof either way of what the video captures, it is interesting. Bigelow Aerospace is a multimillion dollar company (maybe billions?) with countless experts on their staff. They were contracted under the Defense Intelligence Agency’s AAWSAP (Advanced Aerospace Weapons System Applications Program) as BAASS (Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies). The above comment from the source makes it seem the conditions in the facility were tightly monitored. Was the facility protected from dust and bugs? It’s possible it was. There has been speculation on social media that it was a clean room, of sorts, if not than at least a controlled environment. The video itself says R&D, as in, research and development. What was the facility used for and what was housed there? Reporting on BAASS, the NY Times stated “the company modified buildings in Las Vegas for the storage of metal alloys and other materials that Mr. Elizondo and program contractors said had been recovered from unidentified aerial phenomena.” Is this one of those buildings? (Bigelow Aerospace later made a statement that seemed to confuse that report.) The circumstances surrounding the facility and type of room this video was shot in are paramount. There may be numerous details regarding this video than are currently available. If is able to obtain further comments, they will be posted here first.  Regardless of what this video actually shows, the mystery continues…


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6 comments on “Bigelow Aerospace Tweets Alleged Orb Video

  1. Remote viewer in a controlled room where NOTHING should be visible…. that is why Mr. Big posted.

  2. Thanks Danny for posting this article.Looks like the object is performing for the camera, maybe that’s the hidden message?

  3. Didn’t seem to be anything special! Dust, bug just can’t tell based on video!

  4. Joshua Phillips

    Regardless of what the contents of this video are – I’m more interested in asking the why? Why post this video? Is this foreshadowing something much bigger? Is it out out to see our reaction before their next move? Why for me is more important then the what – great article!

  5. Always a skeptic out there!

  6. nearby dust particle or seed or insect illuminated by some light or the sun and so close to the camera lens that it is not focused

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