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Dr. Hal Puthoff’s Letter to the Chief Justice of India

As reported in the blog “TTSA, UFOs, India, Pakistan & Nuclear War,” SilvaRecord.com was able to confirm the statements released during Sabir Hussain’s YouTube video were indeed the words of Luis Elizondo and Dr. Hal Puthoff.

Mr. Hussain’s effort has encountered setbacks, but Sabir hasn’t given up. Sabir Hussain and famed witness Robert Salas have continued to press the issue with the Chief Justice of India. Regardless of the outcome, the initiative is not only relevant to current events but is an interesting addition to the historic record of To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science.

The following is Dr. Hal Puthoff’s letter to the Chief Justice of India, in full, published with the permission of Dr. Puthoff.

Dr. Hal Puthoff’s Letter


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3 comments on “Dr. Hal Puthoff’s Letter to the Chief Justice of India

  1. Brent Hale

    Extremely interesting. More supporting evidence that TTSA is being spot on with what they are doing. Keep up the excellent work Danny…

  2. Another excellent post. Thanks for your work, Danny!

  3. Joseph Foster

    An excellent document supporting averting a highly dangerous situation existing between two hostile nuclear powers. Dr. Puthoff’s letter highlights very dangerous and volatile condition that exists between India and Pakistan and is based upon his knowledge of just how dangerous the situation truly is. One can relate the current situation now as to how the world was when it was basically bi-polar power struggle with far fewer countries with nuclear weapons.

    Today, the situation is much worse with the odds of an incident growing rapidly out of control once the line of demarcation has been breached. Unfortunately, in addition to the Pakistan/India confrontation, other similar flashpoints between newly emerging nuclear powers will be growing around the world, any of which can precipitate what would probably grow into a conflagration beyond imagination.

    I read somewhere that during the Cold War, there were approximately eighty or so “flash point” incidents, any one of which could have triggered a massive global thermonuclear World War III of which obviously, there would have been no winners. Luckily, with only a handful of nuclear capable countries at the time, this event was avoided, however, not without a number of extremely close calls, some precipitated by UFO/UAP activities..

    Dr. Puthoff is to be commended for addressing this issue in such a manner, especially with his incredible expertise as a world-renowned physicist with a great understanding of the nature of the UFO/UAP phenomena and how many times, their appearance brought us to the brink of a catastrophic exchange. Hopefully, both Pakistan and India will take heed of Dr. Puthoff’s warning and both, bilaterally take significant steps back from the abyss they currently find themselves on. The world is hoping, praying and watching. Cudos Dr. Puthoff!

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