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Luis Elizondo’s Letter to the Chief Justice of India

In a story reported exclusively by SilvaRecord.com, members of To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science have written letters to the Chief Justice of India, advocating UAP issues. For a recap on this story and to view Dr. Hal Puthoff’s letter, read the two previous posts:

TTSA, UFOs, India, Pakistan & Nuclear War


Dr. Hal Puthoff’s Letter to the Chief Justice of India

Now, with permission, SilvaRecord.com is able to publish Luis Elizondo’s letter to the Chief Justice of India:

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5 comments on “Luis Elizondo’s Letter to the Chief Justice of India

  1. Michael Harris

    Its vital that these instances are recognised when they occur. The literature has instances where DSP satellites pick up these UAP and considering just how sensitive the situation is between India and Pakistan, they would do well minimise the risk of a mis-identification. Even if there is only 1 chance in 500 of this mistake occurring then the money would be worth spending. The literature has instances where nuclear warheads have been disabled, knocked into a “”No Go” status. The Soviets/Russians have had instances where their warheads have activated and the count down to launch began. Imagine if whatever is doing this decide to do both at the same time.

  2. I am not familiar with Elizondo’s assertion regarding UAPs and a specific missile activation referenced in his letter, however, I am personally familiar with experiences of missile shut downs at loaded icbm sites and UAPs at VAFB while working there in geodetic, astro high order survey guidance support for minuteman, titan, atlas icbms. If Elizondo asserts there was no relation between UAPs and icbms there too, it is not correct.

  3. World Peace

    What’s very interesting here is that in “UFOs and Nukes” there was a presentation of two outlier incidents in the U.S. and the Soviet Union in which there was an association made between UAPs and nuclear missiles that were temporarily activated for launch, but here in this letter Elizondo writes, “UAPs were not involved in those cases”, seemingly including those aforementioned outliers. So what are we to make of this? Were those two outlier reports possibly the product of a misunderstanding and/or an analytic bias and/or disinformation?

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  5. Excellent Danny. I wonder does this letter tie in with Tom’s Sekret Machines Gods/Man/War books? I’m pretty sure Tom said that the Phenomemon has some part to play in our wars.

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