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Has Dr. Colm Kelleher Exited TTSA?

Longtime Bigelow associate, NIDS member, BAASS member, co-author of Hunt for the Skinwalker and TTSA advisory board member, Dr. Colm Kelleher may no longer be associated with TTSA. At least, his photo and biography have been taken off the website.

Photo on the TTSA website from October 9th, 2019, which has now been taken down.

Dr. Kelleher was a member of Robert Bigelow’s National Institute for Discovery Science. When he was with NIDS he studied Skinwalker Ranch, among other things, and went on to co-author Hunt for the Skinwalker with George Knapp. Dr. Kelleher was the Deputy Administrator for Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) under the DIA’s AAWSAP program from 2008-2012. Since the AAWSAP funding was cut, ending BAASS, he has continued to work with Bigelow Aerospace. While his recent interviews are rare (it’s hard to recall a time when Colm went on the record speaking about TTSA) he spoke to George Knapp and KLAS last August in relation to Bigelow Aerospace endeavors.

Dr. Kelleher likely has his hands full with Bigelow Aerospace, which may have played a factor in his alleged exit. If Colm has in fact left TTSA, the full set of reasons will not be known unless public statements are released.

Dr. Kelleher potentially joins another advisor who left TTSA last year, Dr. Garry P. Nolan who exited in 2018. Dr. Nolan, who at the time cited conflicts of interest with his academic work among other reasons, submitted an updated statement to, speaking of his departure, written on 10-23-2019:

“As I previously stated I continue to support the general scientific goals of TTSA, and I am thrilled with the steps they have taken advancing inquiries into this complex arena. As many have already noted, there is a sea change that has lent a strong sense of legitimacy to the subject area. This will provide support for “mainstream” academic scientists who perhaps are on the periphery to openly discuss matters that were heretofore considered off limits.”

Restructuring has been on TTSA’s agenda for a while, at least since Tom DeLonge has been listed as Interim CEO. Rumors of DeLonge leaving the academy all together circulated recently. Those rumors were quickly dismissed by Alejandro Rojas. DeLonge then went on to comment directly about the rumors:



While Tom DeLonge is not leaving TTSA, a new CEO may be on the way. Will TTSA be looking for someone who is business savvy like current board member Chris Mizer? Will a different board member be chosen? Or will they hire someone that is not currently with the company?

*Thanks to writer Dale Longmore for submitting this tip.

*The main photo of Dr. Kelleher is a video still from George Knapp’s KLAS report, shot by Matthew Adams.

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