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Lt. Graves & Robert Bigelow Allude to Continuing UFO Events

By now many people know about the set of events surrounding the Gimbal UFO video. Claims and rumors of many encounters plus multiple unreleased videos from that time frame have circulated, but have those encounters continued? Lt. Ryan Graves and Robert Bigelow have both alluded to that fact in recent interviews.

First, was TTSA’s Chris Mellon referring to a dozen events during the Gimbal encounters or since then? Mr. Mellon said:

Graphic by James Iandoli

In an interview on the Kevin Rose Show, around 36:00, Lt Ryan Graves said:

Graves: This is a conversation of one of fifty or sixty of seventy pilots on the east coast could have had, and I understand why they didn’t want to – I completely get that, but I’m hoping that by me coming out and talking about it I gave them a little bit of leeway to come out and actually think about it seriously. So, these people that have been seeing these things for a long time, you know and not just in the past five, ten years, but military pilots have been seeing stuff for a long time, I hope that I’m helping give them a voice. And when I went to DC and met with two of the three branches of our government, you know, my perception was that they took it pretty seriously, and they were asking some hard questions to superiors of the Navy that were sitting across from me, and I think that is why we see the reporting system that was put in place by the Navy today.

Rose: Yeah, what is the reporting system now that exists?

Graves: I don’t know. It’s classified. The reporting system is classified, but I do know it exists and I do know from other encounters, or whatever we want to call them, that have happened recently, from some of my friends, that it seems to be working at the very least.”

In an interview with George Knapp available on, Robert Bigelow said:

Knapp: You haven’t spoken about it really since all the news broke, but I mean your fingerprints are all over that stuff. You helped make all that happen.

Bigelow: Well, I don’t know about that. I think that the future here is what’s potentially interesting. If these exposures and these exhibitions that are currently ongoing, especially off the East Coast, and they have been pretty heavy for the last five years. If that gets the right … if they continue, and they provide the opportunity for investigation and to create the awareness, not just with the military, but — and government folks — but be able to be sanctioned and confirmed as an actual reality … that this phenomena is real. It actually exists, and we’re actually achieving a confirmation of sorts. Without knowing who, what or why, you know, or where it’s coming from or anything, at least that’s a big step that’s never happened before.

It’s important to keep in mind that we didn’t hear about the Nimitz and Gimbal events until years after the fact. Other military encounters we may never hear about at all. There could be Tic Tac and Gimbal level events happening right now off the east coast or anywhere else, with data/video being captured, and according to these comments we can’t rule it out.

Update #1

Reddit user PewPew84 reminded me of this article written by Chris Mellon where he states:

Because this phenomenon has only recently been acknowledged, little if any effort has been made to use “national technical means” for purposes of identifying or tracking these objects.  This is unfortunate since there are massive stores of intelligence data already collected by US intelligence systems that can be accessed and correlated with events such as the interaction of the USS Nimitz Carrier Battle Group with multiple UAPs in November 2004; or the ongoing events in restricted military airspace off the East Coast of the United States.

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2 comments on “Lt. Graves & Robert Bigelow Allude to Continuing UFO Events

  1. I was in the Air Force for a bit. If someone handed me a form in Waikiki at the beach that asked me about whether I’d seen evidence of UFOs/Aliens while in the A.F. (and I had), I’d certainly not fill out anything. I may even have filled out a form about it for the AFOSI to investigate the weird contact. We’re drilled to report any odd contacts by people that relates to what we do or know in the military. And, especially today with photo recognition that could match someone’s face with a particular survey handed in? I don’t think you’d get much participation.

    I saw a couple of things because as a side-duty I worked in the base classified destruction area. There was one guy with me (we always had 2-people) who would read stuff before putting it on the conveyer belt to the machine that ground paper and books into dust. If he found something incredible, he’d let me read it too. This was 1985 and there were UFOs in England and Germany (at US military bases) being written about in Secret memos. I remember very little of it, but one group of memos, in particular, spoke of crashed UFO craft in the forest that could not be identified.

    Point is, there must be thousands of people with bits of knowledge like I had. In line with what you’re saying… it would be great to somehow collect that info from disparate sources. I think it would be awesome to have a massive database of statements and documents re: the phenom and use a program to sort it into groups of data that might help us learn more about the phenomena going on here. That might be what TTSA is doing – but the general public is not going to see either the data or the interpretations of it.

    Anyway… Love the article!!!!

  2. Assuming I’m not the first person to think of this…but…would it be worth it to create an anonymous survey that could be given to enlisted men and women to inquire about potential encounters? I live in NYC and of course everyone knows when it’s “fleet week”. See a sailor, hand them a survey. It’s a bit grassroots but hey…results could be interesting..

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