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Historic Presentation Slides from NIDS, Vallee & Davis

Legendary researcher Keith Basterfield has been digging into the now defunct National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) website recently. I’ve spent a lot of time searching the website myself and have found some amazing information. My favorite being this statement from Robert Bigelow, among others. I also found some visual presentations on the site that my friend Keith has inspired me to share, not only from NIDS, but from Drs Vallee and Davis.

First, NIDS posted these slides stating their objectives:

















One of the most referenced papers of all time is “Incommensurability, Orthodoxy
and the Physics of High Strangeness: A 6-layer Model for Anomalous Phenomena” by Drs Jacques Vallee and Eric Davis. Many people have read the report but far less have seen the presentation slides, also from the NIDS website:



NIDS was without a doubt one of the most prestigious groups ever assembled to study the Phenomenon. Their work, along with Dr. Vallee’s, is nothing less than historic.

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5 comments on “Historic Presentation Slides from NIDS, Vallee & Davis

  1. Love anything about ufos that are true not photo shopped or home made with PC MAGIC AND VIDEOS SPLICED TOGETHER.

  2. “increased imagery and acceptance of non human interaction in cartoons, films, sci-fi, mainstream media, and advertising.”

    “We propose that UAPs are the product of a technology that integrates what western culture and science regard as physical and psychic manifestations.”

    Really beyond interesting. This whole eons long process looks like a kind of cosmic domestication for sentient beings made of meat like us. What a journey it has been so far eh fellow humans? Dr. Vallee was and is so ahead of his time. If impressions of contact are brought to us from a post biological intelligence through our media’s and sink deep into our sub-concious (whether we want it too or not) does this count as a psychic manifestation or a physical manifestation? I would propose it is both simultaneously.

    Here is a neat quote from Dr. Diana Pasulka author of American Cosmic concerning the collapse or collision rather of media AS a contact event.

    Concerning analysis of Space Odyssey:2001 Dr. Pasulka writes:

    “As I watched scenes with the monolith I realized that it resembled a larger version of my iPhone….The monolith according to Ager is the cinema screen. I find Agers interpretation convincing. He argues that this interpretation of the monolith excludes reading it as a donation from an alien race. For Ager, the monolith has nothing to do with alien technology. For Ager, the monolith has nothing to do with alien technology. I am convinced by agers analysis that the monolith is the cinema screen, but I believe that the monolith can be both the cinema screen AND the alien. And it is both on many different levels. These two interpretations are not mutually exclusive…. Within a digital landscape, the distinction between the real and the unreal ceases to be meaningful. The loss of a modernist framework gives way to a transcendent one with qualities that appeared to collapse or more accurately exceed the modern constructions of real and not real. As Jean baudrillard and others have long argued, real and unreal are no longer meaningful categories or frames of reference.”

  3. The “new unified approach” is interesting to see. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Keith Basterfield

    Hi Danny, Nice finds. I hope to have three more posts in my NIDS series.

  5. Very nice presentation. Looking at a heuristic approach of the phenomena is essential if we wanna understand anything someday. Signal to noise ratio is very low in the UAP/UFO field and we need to live with it. With more scientist from many more field entering the discussion, we will start to see useable trends.

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