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DeLonge says TTSA is Working on (Fravor’s) Torpedo Story

One of the most amazing stories I’ve heard is when Cmdr. Dave Fravor told Jeremy Corbell a second hand story about how a torpedo was allegedly sucked down into water by a USO (Unidentified Submerged Object). I highlighted it in the UFOs in Water: USOs blog.

Jeremy Corbell: “You did tell me somebody that you spoke with, it was a helicopter pilot, and there was an event…”

Dave Fravor: “This happened in the ’90s. They were picking up BQMs. BQM is a flying drone that we used for training.”

Jeremy Corbell: ‘Can you tell me that story? I think that’s important because it relates to this phenomenon.”

Dave Fravor:  “He was picking up BQMs and torpedoes when they test run them. The BQM either has a parachute deployed as a flying drone… they’re painted bright orange, ship radars can track… they can do all kinds of training with them. When they’re done a parachute deploys and lands in the water, they float, and then they got to go pick them up. Same thing with the torpedo, if it’s a round, they’ll shoot it, when it’s all done it blows ballast then it floats and has a locator and you go find it. He had went out, I think he was off Puerto Rico, he saw this object coming up – when they were picking one up, it came up from below, it was big. So they were doing it again, they were going to pick some of them, they’re getting ready to put the diver in the water, he was on lift going down and then right after that the thing was coming up again so they pulled the diver up. The torpedo, or the BQM, is sitting there and it just gets sucked down and the object goes down and it disappears.”

Jeremy Corbell: “So there was a USO, unidentified submerged object, that was bigger than a submarine when they were trying to retrieve this thing – hold it under the water and took it.”

Dave Fravor: ‘It just gets sucked down. You know things just don’t sink rapidly either just get ‘boop’ and they’re gone. You know these things blow ballast so they don’t just go away. You know, they float. So something… something pulled it down.”

Jeremy Corbell: “OK so to be clear we’re talking about a buddy of yours, who is a helicopter pilot, who relayed a story about how a USO took this object down under the water, that’s made to float, not to be retrieved again. Is that correct?”

Dave Fravor: “That’s correct. It happened to him twice.”

Jeremy Corbell: ‘Twice.”

Dave Fravor: “Yeah, the first time when he saw it they got their drone up. And the second time was when he pulls the diver out of the water and the thing just got sucked down and disappeared.”

Jeremy Corbell: “Different locations, different drones, different days?”

Dave Fravor: “Same location, different drones, different days.”

Jeremy Corbell: “I mean that shows us that there’s just a lot going on that’s just not talked about.”

Dave Fravor: “You report stuff and people don’t do anything and it never comes out.  There’s tons of stuff out there. I would say there’s a very low percentage of stuff that actually makes it to an official investigation or where anyone knows about it.”

The story went on to become much more famous when Fravor spoke about it to millions of people on the Joe Rogan show:

Jeremy Corbell: Are you able to tell the story you told me about what was underwater with your other buddy?…

Fravor: …You know people come out of the woodwork when they figure out you’ve had this (experience) because now they don’t feel alone. So I was working… I’d worked… I still do it…but I was doing oil and gas at the time on a contract and one of the guys… the (Nimitz Tic Tac) story came out and he was a Navy helicopter pilot, and he comes in… he comes in he goes “Dude, can I talk to you man?” I go, “What about?” He goes, “I gotta talk to you.” I said, “What do you wanna talk to me about?” He says, “Dude, you know your UFO?” He goes, “I had a similar experience.” I said, “What’s that?”

He said he was flying CH-53s which is a big lift, heavy lift, that the Marine Corps uses and the Navy uses it for certain things. And when they go off of for the East Coast they do a lot of shooting off of… at the time it was off of Puerto Rico, we had Roosevelt roads that they ended up closing… but he was flying out of there and you know you got super clear Caribbean water and they have these things called BQMs as they fly around and then when they’re all done… because they’ll fly towards the ships and the ship can track with the radar… and then they also do in a… like the ships or submarines shoot torpedoes. They’re called Telemetry Rounds. So they gather all the data on what the torpedo is doing underwater and then they blow ballast and this thing will come to the surface and float and then they go pick them up and then they can extract all the data out of them. So they do it for both. So he said the first time they’re out and they’re gonna pick up this BQM. And those things, when they’re flying, (when) they’re done, a parachute comes out and they gotta go… they hook it up. The helo drops a swimmer in the water. He goes and hooks this whole thing up then they hoist the whole thing up and fly back. And then they extract the data. So he says he’s sitting in the front. You know in helicopters there’s, you know, in C-53 you can actually see down by your feet, you know, just like typical, like you got a Hawaiian ride so you can see when you’re touching down. So you got really good visibility out of those things and you can stick your head out the window too because you’re just kinda hanging out. He says he’s going on there and they’re getting this thing hooked up and as he’s looking down… you know cause they’re… I don’t know what? Fifty feet above the water? He sees kind of this dark mass coming up from the depths. And they start to hoist the the diver up, and he’s got the BQM, and as they hoist it up he says and he’s looking at this thing going, “And what the hell is that?” And then it just goes back down underwater. It’s just like once they pulled the kid and the BQM out of the water this object descends back into the depths. So he thinks, “Well that was pretty weird.” So he goes out… he says not too long later, you know, a few months later…he’s out he’s picking up a torpedo. So he says they got the… they hooked the diver up on the winch and they’re lowering him in and he’s looking down he sees this big massive…he goes, “It’s not a submarine,” because he’s seen submarines before. Once you see a submarine you can’t confuse it with something else. This big object, you know kind of circular, he says it’s coming up from the depths and he starts screaming through the intercom system to tell them to pull the diver up. The divers like a few feet from the water. So they’ve reversed the winch and the diver’s thinking, “What the hell’s going on?” and he’s getting pulled up and all of a sudden he said the torpedo just got sucked down underwater and the object just descended back down into the depths and they never recovered the torpedo. And this happened in the late 90s, mid to late 90s I think it is. I can probably get in touch with him and ask him. And he told me this story…

Rogan: How do you report that?

Fravor: You come in and go, “Well where’d the torpedo go?” It just got sucked down. It just went down. You know and then you get the people that attribute it as, “Ah, something happened when it blew ballasts and it just took on water and sank. And he’s like,” It didn’t sink.” He goes, “It literally looked like it got sucked down.” The only reason he didn’t…they talked to him when they did the New York Times stuff, they talked to him but because the incident was from the 90s they didn’t want to… they wanted something, you know, newer. So they did not include it but I know they talked to him about it.”

Now, Tom DeLonge is talking about the story and has implied TTSA are working on it in a recent interview:

BENJI: My last question has to do with the ocean. Is there anything on your guys’ horizon with trying to check out stuff really far deep, deep down there? It seems like something’s going on right below the surface.

TOM: There are a whole bunch of…all the large bodies of water across the Earth have kind of enormous UFOs—what they call it—we call them UAP or UF, so underwater submerged objects. I was shown a map by people with Italian intelligence of all their hotspots in the Mediterranean and it’s just like hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of these hotspots and you’re kind of, “Oh my god. Where are these things at? What are they doing? They’re everywhere.” We’re working on a case now that…a lot of times these cases come to us and we put together all the information on it and we’ll take it back to our partners in various places and try to help them get a handle on some other things they may not know about, but it just leaked a couple of weeks ago. We’ve been holding it a little close to our chest for the past year.

There was a helicopter. They go out and they test torpedoes and when they shoot these torpedoes out, they’ll go out with a helicopter and lower a Navy SEAL down into the water from a cable and grab the torpedo and bring it back, and then they check the navigation system and they check…it’s a test, you know. Well, they did this and then they go out there deep into the ocean to retrieve the torpedo. Here’s the giant helicopter hovering. They lower the Navy SEAL frogman down on the cable and right when the guy’s flippers are touching the water, this giant black shadow starts coming up with lights and surfaces underneath this frogman and he’s screaming, “Get me up. Get me up. Get me up,” and this crack opens up, sucks the torpedo out of the fucking surface of the water and goes, “Boom,” and disappears however many thousands of knots underwater.

BENJIHoly shit.

TOM: You’ve got to think about how scary that would’ve been to see that. Who is that? What did that?

BENJI: Okay. I don’t have to deal with just sharks anymore. That’s awesome.

TOM: No, sharks. Sharks are nothing. You’re going to be wishing sharks were the only thing down there.

Mark‘s still photo and animated rendition of the Torpedo incident:



Can this account be attributed to some sort of unknown sea creature? Only time will tell if the public will  find out more about this story. Will this story be included in Unidentified season two? Will this story be used to brief politicians and decision makers? The more military personnel come forward and tell their stories the better. I hope since this pilot is known to Cmdr.Fravor and the New York Times, this person will come forward for a public interview.

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