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Ubatuba UFO Debris Given to Elizondo Claims Andrea Simondini

Yesterday, we learned about TTSA’s trip to south america and some of the cases they were looking into. Since that story broke, many people have been digging into the available interviews where CEFORA members have been speaking on the record about their interactions with Luis Elizondo and what took place, namely Andrea Simondini. One of the people who tweeted about yesterday’s story, Akam, unearthed something amazing once again. During an interview, CEFORA member Andrea Simondini stated that Luis Elizondo was given UFO debris from the famous brazilian Ubatuba event. 

The interview is in Spanish. Around the 43 minute mark the interviewer asks:

“Se que hubo mucho diálogo con él [Elizondo] para ver si se podía hacer entiendo cosas en conjunto o colaborar mutuamente en diferentes temas con CEFORA, con los investigadores Argentinos y demás. Que nos puedes contar de eso puntualmente y también entiendo que se llevo “ALGO” del museo… pero bueno, contanos primero en que va a consistir esa colaboración a futuro con Luis Elizondo, con To the Stars Academy y con todo ese grupo.”

Which translates to:

“I understand there was plenty of dialogue with him [Elizondo] on potential joint tasks or collaboration on various topics with CEFORA, Argentinian investigators, etc.
What can you tell us about that matter and I also understand that he took “SOMETHING” from the museum… but well, tell us first about what encompasses this future collaboration with Luis Elizondo, To the Stars Academy and all that group.”

Skipping ahead, during Andrea Simondini’s answer she says:

Hable mucho del trabajo que habíamos desarrollado como experiencia piloto de capacitación con la gente, de desarrollo de planteos de cámara de alta technologia en lo lugares preponderantes, pero que para llegar a ese punto necesitábamos capacitar a la gente y que la gente tenga la tecnología. Y hable del trabajo que hizo Guille Victor y Chique Escalada; Chico Jarola con los drones. El trabajo que hizo los chicos de San Juan todo este tiempo, con el esfuerzo que ademas conlleva y el avance con el uso de herramientas de capacitación informativas. Y lo que le planteé fue que todo lo que pudiéramos hacer me gustaría convenirlo en un documento escrito donde pusiéramos énfasis en estos puntos. Así se hizo, así lo pautamos, y bueno, le dimos una muestra muy pequeña de la pieza de Ubatuba, que había analizado Jacques Valle. En una previa comunicación con Jacques Valle le planteé que iba a hacer eso, y me hizo una devolución muy amable diciéndome que la información era publica, de los análisis que había hecho, que ya había hecho la presentación en su momento. Bueno, sabemos que fue en el congress [NO AUDIBLE] del 2017, que ahí vale mencionar, que es donde se enteró Tom Delonge y Elizondo de esa muestra. .. Y a cambio, la idea es, financiamiento para estos proyectos: uno va a ser hangar 34. Ahi la idea es a futuro trabajar también desde la CRIFAT con todos estos desarrollos que es un desarrollo regional, y tener investigadores full-time, dedicados a la investigación de esto. Que el primero que le planteé que fuera así es Luis Emilio Anino, para que pudiera desarrollar una investigación veraz y total en este campo. Y bueno, y después, todo lo que tuviera que ver con consultas técnicas, capacitación de investigadores, muestras que pudieran desarrollarse análisis, etc, etc, a futuro. Todo esto va a estar dependiendo de lo que arroje el análisis de la muestra, y también va a estar dependiendo, vamos a saber, que es la gran incógnita de muchos, si esta gente cumple con su palabra. 

I talked at length about the work we have developed as a pilot project, where we train the people, where we install high-tech cameras in the relevant places. But in order to arrive to this point, we need to train the people and for the people to have the technology. And I talked about the work done by Guille Victor and Chique Escalada, Chico Jarola’s work with the drones, and the work people from San Juan have been doing; talked about the efforts required and the progress achieved using training technologies. And what I proposed to him was that whatever we could do together, we should put it onto a written document outlining all of these points. That’s what we did, we wrote it down, and well, we gave him a small sample of the Ubatuba piece. The same piece Jacques Valle had analyzed before. In a previous communication with Jacques Valle, I told him I was going to do that, and he responded, very gently, telling me that the information about the analysis he performed was all public, that he had already presented these results. Well, we know this presentation was in the UFO congress of 2017 and, by the way, that’s where Tom Delonge and Luis Elizondo learned about the sample. In exchange for the piece, the idea is to receive financing for our projects. One of them is going to be Hangar 34. The idea is, going forward, to also work with together CRIFAT in the development of these projects, given that it’s a regional project. Moreover, the idea is to have full-time researchers dedicated to this project, the first of which I proposed to be Luis Emilio Anino, for him to develop a true and total investigation of this field. And well, everything else related to technical consultations, training of researchers, analysis of samples, etc, etc, in due time. All of these will depend on the results of the analysis of the sample, and also, we will see and it’s the big question for many people, whether these people [TTSA] will keep their word.

Lue Andrea

Since the ADAM Research Project was announced, we knew TTSA had been actively collecting samples from around the world for testing. After flashing paperwork that read “Rendlesham” during their ADAM Research Project trailer, only to later pull the clip and blur it out, many wondered if they had some sort of evidence or even material from that case. 

Before this south american trip last November, Luis Elizondo spoke at the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies Conference. During his presentation this slide was shown featuring pictures of some of the samples TTSA have collected. 


Drs Jacques Vallee and Garry Nolan said this about Ubatuba during a presentation on materials that is not to be missed. Notice the photo of Jacques Vallee with none other than Andrea Simondini:

Vallee Ubatuba 1

Vallee Ubatuba 6

Vallee Ubatuba 2

Vallee Ubatuba 4

Vallee Ubatuba 5

Its highly debated whether any debris found in fact comes from a UFO. The history of the story itself is very complicated. (For some background, read 1, 2 and 3. The blog linked “2” has a comment from Vallee himself stressing caution.)

SilvaRecord.com and researchers like Keith Basterfield have been trying to track down any and all leads on alleged UFO debris that TTSA or others may be studying. If TTSA is indeed now testing alleged debris from Ubatuba, it is noteworthy to say the least.

Thank you to Akam and Dennis for their research. Thank you to UAP Costa Rica, Joe Barco, Matt Tiller and other unnamed individuals for their help with the spanish dialogue. 

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2 comments on “Ubatuba UFO Debris Given to Elizondo Claims Andrea Simondini

  1. Some new data, about the Ubatuba ufocrash, that would be interesting to confirm.
    Comment below “Adauto Antonio de Nereira”, and “Johao (former traffic office)”, at the following link from Australia:

  2. Marcos Lucena

    Nice study and I think you guys should study the Varginha incident, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, the story is about a extraterrestrial being that people in the city of Varginha saw and the Brazilian Government cover up…

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