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Chris Mellon on How the NY Times Received UFO Videos: “I Was the Person Who Did That.”

One of the mysteries surrounding the original NY Times article that revealed AATIP to the world, Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program, has been, who provided the NY Times with the two UFO videos they published and furthermore, who tipped off the NY Times about the AATIP story in general?

The first question seems to now be answered. In an interview with Yale podcast Take this Job and Love It, Chris Mellon states:

“…after the videos were released to the New York Times, which I was the person who did that, actually that will be coming out in the documentary this summer…more information about that.”

The documentary Mellon is referring to might be season two of TTSA’s History Channel UFO program, Unidentified. Another contender, a film where Mellon’s appearance has also been confirmed, is James Fox’s The Phenomenon.

James Fox interviewing Chris Mellon for “The Phenomenon.”

Researcher Paul Scott Anderson reminded me that many people assumed Luis Elizondo provided the NY Times with the UFO videos, something that Elizondo has denied from the start. Like questions regarding whether Elizondo was the point man for AATIP, he may now to be vindicated on this front as well.

In various articles written by Mellon, and again in this interview, he continues to hammer home the point that incursions of unknown aircraft into US airspace continue to happen on a regular basis.

Most of TTSA, especially Chris Mellon and to some degree Luis Elizondo, have stayed away from talking about aliens or other entities. (Tom DeLonge on the other hand has talked about them over and over again.) The political reasons behind this were explained in season one of Unidentified. To sum up, they want the facts and data to speak for themselves, rather than jumping to conclusions. They certainly don’t want to scare anyone away with talk of aliens (etc.) too early. Over time, Elizondo has dropped more hints than Chris Mellon, but even now Mellon seems to be slightly coming around publicly. Namely in a highlight of this interview when the host asked Mellon if he believed in life outside of earth. Mellon replied:

I am absolutely convinced that there is life beyond of earth… and the Copernican Revolution, I think we’re near, we’re approaching the point soon where the trends that he started, the recognition that we are not… the universe does not revolve around us and we’re not the central focal point of it and we’re not special or unique… that’s culminating… and in our lifetime, in your lifetime, that will become an acknowledged fact. In terms of hope for the future, my hope is that we can fix and rectify some structural problems and mismatches between our form of government and challenges we face as a species and a nation.

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5 comments on “Chris Mellon on How the NY Times Received UFO Videos: “I Was the Person Who Did That.”

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  2. Ing. Elías Gervasio Gómez

    Sorry for my ignorance, someone could explain to me what Mr. Mellon means when he says: “my hope is that we can fix and rectify some structural problems and mismatches between our form of government and challenges we face as a species and a nation”.
    ¿He seems to be talking only about the United States, or I’m wrong?.
    It is true that TTSA will use the metamaterials for the manufacture of weapons, together with the laboratories of the US Army, as they already declared.
    ¿So all this will be shared with everyone in the world, or will it be only for the USA?.
    Be that as it may, it would be good to say it now because in the case “of the extraterrestrial”, I may be wrong, but I think ALL HUMANITY will be involved.

  3. Kenneth Mason

    They are here NOW, and have been here for a LONG time now!

    Nothing to get SCARED about. Because Whatever they are doing here, they have been doing it for a LONG time now; and WE and our Technology Advancement, has most likely happened because of their DNA manipulation to us.

    Just like we study lower forms of life like Animals; and track their movements and behavior patterns; the SAME way that other HIGHER forms of life might do to us also.

    So go on with your lives!

  4. Marc-André Coulombe

    Sandra, let’s wait for more data before jumping to precise conclusions. I really think we will be able to answer those hypothesis with facts soon enough.

  5. All UFO/Ancient Aliens Documentary’s Have been a Focus for me from the day in the 60’s when I found the Chariot of the Gods.. From the time I was a small Child I have felt that I came from “Out there “ I have no Idea why. Now Scientist have proved that we have our parents Life time of learning incepted on their genes . I knew that was so long before genetic evidence was found. . I can Hardly wait for the New Seasons.

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