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New Skinwalker Ranch Team Briefed U.S. Government

Those who have followed Skinwalker Ranch closely, know that Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) via the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program (AAWSAP) worked with the Defense Intelligence Agency and possibly other groups within the government.

Something that has been speculated about, but not confirmed until now, is whether the new ownership of Skinwalker Ranch has also interacted with the government. During an interview on Coast to Coast AM, George Knapp and the owner of Skinwalker Ranch, Brandon Fugal,  said this:

George Knapp: Brandon, as far back as the ranch family that owned the property before Bob Bigelow bought it, they had told the NIDS investigators that they would occasionally see what they presumed were military folks. Helicopters would fly over or, you know, people in SUVs with binoculars checking out the property and then of course as we now know, the AATIP program was actually something else called AAWSAP that was initiated by the DIA. Bob Bigelow had a contract with them, they were studying the property and a much broader spectrum of issues and I wanted to know if you’ve had either outreach from government to ask you what’s going on there, or requests for partnership or any indication that you are under surveillance out there from unknown parties?

Brandon Fugal: Good questions. First and foremost, in response, I’ve had no interest in partnership with the government. Not because I don’t love my country, I love being an american. We live in the greatest country in the world and are very blessed and fortunate to be here and to be part of this incredible United States of America, but I just did not want my investigation ever to be compromised and really have no interest in partnering or being involved or taking money from any government related enterprise. That said, in direct response to your question, yes, I have been approached, and we, our team, was summoned in the past to Washington DC to give testimony and to report on what we have been observing on the property. There appears to be a very real, sincere interest on the part of a number of agencies and programs that are at least monitoring what is happening relative to reports on the ranch and they seem sincere and in the spirit of collaboration, again, I didn’t have any problem presenting the evidence and the data that we had collected and I felt like it as a demonstration, at least on my part and my team’s part, that we really do consider this a stewardship and we’re sincerely focused on the facts and really utilizing real scientific rigor. The one thing that disappointed me was the lack of exchange. I mean it seems that everyone wants information, everyone wants us to impart that which we have learned, which is great, and we’re happy to share, but we see very little exchange and that’s a little disappointing. That’s probably been one of the more disappointing aspects of my journey. I felt like we’re kind of in a lot of ways on our own. Which is both exciting, but it’s surprising as well. I would have expected a little bit more of a cooperative exchange, but hey, let the chips fall. I don’t really care. We are running a privately funded and manned program, an investigation, and I think that has really helped us maintain the integrity of what we’re doing and also it allows us to I think share what we are doing with the public. I think one thing that Mr. Bigelow was challenged with is I think he and his people were dealing with classified information and I’m sure there were non disclosure agreements in place and I respect that. I completely respect that they need to honor those, but we’re approaching this from a different angle.

George Knapp: The premise of the AAWSAP study which BAASS was the contractor for the DIA, is that there are national security implications for what has been reported at the ranch. I don’t know exactly what that is, maybe wormholes, holes in the sky, beings coming in and out from some place else, an intelligence operating there, do you agree that there are national security implications?

Brandon Fugal: Well, yeah. I think when you’re seeing objects and phenomena that are seemingly violating our airspace, that arent showing up on radar or really operating, behaving, the way that conventional craft would behave, I think it should raise questions. I would think there are implications, and I would think it would be of great interest. I’m glad that there has been I think a more serious effort to bring the truth to light. I think that the New York Times story and the other journalism, the other reports that have now come forward and everything from your fighter pilots to others that have had the courage to go on record relative to what they have seen, I think it really shows that we may be entering a new era of disclosure or at least honesty. And I think that’s refreshing. I would think that anyone who does their due diligence and looks into this field of inquiry has to look at it from an honest perspective and has to admit that there is some real compelling evidence. We’ve seen it at Skinwalker Ranch.

Not only did Mr. Fugal say “agencies,” but he also said “programs.” Could these be the programs rumored to come to light, or more general programs that happen to be interested in the subject matter?

The government being briefed on UFOs is not a conspiracy theory, it’s a fact. Several Senators and even President Trump have gone on record stating they have been briefed. Pilot Dave Fravor has been involved in at least some of these briefings. His involvement was highlighted during To the Stars Academy’s television show Unidentified. Skinwalker Ranch, which has its own History Channel show premiering soon,  ecompasses more than UFOs. It includes other aspects of what many would call the paranormal world, however some have speculated government interest in this wider spectrum of the paranormal may have ceased when BAASS disbanded, possibly in part due to religious pressure within the government. With Brandon Fugal’s claim that he and his team briefed the government, is Washington still interested in more of the paranormal spectrum or does their interest solely lie in UFOs? Regardless of what exactly their interest may be, the fact these briefings occured are huge steps forward in what some would call “disclosure.” Anytime there are claims, or proof, of government interest in paranormal topics, or specifically UFOs, it gives activists examples to cite when making their case to the world at large.

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9 comments on “New Skinwalker Ranch Team Briefed U.S. Government

  1. Michael Breslin

    Could military activity at the likes of Dugway Proving Grounds have any bearing on the phenomena witnessed at Skinwalker Ranch.

  2. Why would Bigelow sell and give up Skinwalker Ranch? If this site is so important, why would this real estate be turned over to someone else….is this not evidence that even Bigelow is not interested anymore in this area???

  3. Don Weber

    Hello,does anyone follow the Bosian Pyramids,oldest anmd largest pyramids on our planet.Some 34,000 years old,,,WHO MADE THEM ???????????????????

  4. Donley M Aaron

    The government or some powerful beings are hiding a lot more than just UFO’s. They are hiding many advancements from the tax payers and only allowing certain big corporations to know how they work. Case in question is aircraft that can use levitation to hover above trees without making a sound and without disturbing the leaves on the tree.

  5. Deborah LoPresti

    I love the show looking forward to the next season hoping the government one day will finally tell us what they really know about UFOs and that they are real and they’re living right here with us and they can appear to you in whatever form they want you to see or none at all

  6. Brent Hale

    Very excellent as always, Danny. On a related (but not to AATIP which was mentioned on NCIS: Los Angeles) note (actually two): On March 28 a UFO was filmed and the video seems to show a pulsating type craft (can’t recall where though), and apparently a gentleman was abducted and his cellphone data seems to show he was at least 60 or so feet in the air (he has one of those walking/stair climbing apps) and felt like sharing to see if anyone else knows a bit more about it.

    The Philip J. Klass types of course have offered their takes on both incidents.

  7. Dare Devil

    Good work on this write up.

  8. IDK if we are really going forward. Brandon said himself the government just wanted him to give them a free report on his observations (made at his expense) and the gov gave nothing in return. Typical. The gov will keep denying and covering up while expecting citizens to turn over independent research like it’s their “patriotic duty”. At least Brandon appears to be willing to share his info with the public so he should be commended for that. We’ll see what the show actually discloses. The first episode had a lot of standard annoying reality show troupes but the info and video will hopefully be compelling.

  9. We’re going forward. Nice Job Silva Record.

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