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Pentagon UFO Program Interested in Psychic Child’s Abilities says DeLonge

Recently, Tom DeLonge took part in a video interview with 91X, a mexican owned english language radio station that broadcasts in San Diego. His band, Angels and Airwaves, released a new song and Tom was promoting it. During the interview DeLonge was explaining how the song came about and why it was released. He went on to say this:

Tom DeLonge: I was struck, kind of, by public consciousness because there’s a lot of studies that have been done, and a lot within the US government as well that I’m aware of, but that your mind… your mind over matter… that saying is very true… where they found, and I actually have a really amazing sensitive document that… and I’d always tell people about this, where they actually were…it was part of the UFO program at the Pentagon. They were following this kid in China that can move objects with his mind and he was like 10 years old.

Danielle: What?

Tom DeLonge: Yeah, so they repeated the experiment in the Department of Defense. And they put a piece of paper in a glass mason jar and they screwed the lid on it. With their mind they moved the paper through the lid of the jar six feet across the floor. And it says right there in the document with the letterhead and everything, on our defense (letterhead). You know it’s… they found that it’s… a hundred percent of people can do it, but only 10% of the people can really like master it. And my point being is that, you know, your mindset that you’re in, it affects all matter around you. And I can give you another couple laboratory experiments, but we won’t go down that rabbit hole, but they prove that consciousness affects all matter around you. In terms of healing they’ve even healed like 30 mice with like crazy terminal cancers. They healed all the mice with just energy healing in a lab. It was a wonderful lecture I listened to, but I was thinking when everyone was really scared with the virus you have mass consciousness but for something that’s negative, fear, and that’s a really bad place to be because it’s going to perpetuate things, you know, in a negative way. So I was like, well maybe my little part ,you know, put out something more hopeful or more optimistic…”

Which program was DeLonge referencing? AAWSAP, AATIP or a different unnamed program? We know AAWSAP researched a wider spectrum of so called paranormal topics. Allegedly AATIP did not. Any UFO program Tom references as taking part in psychic studies is interesting, but AATIP especially would be a surprise. View the interview below.

Thanks to Twitter user and graphics guru Mark for the lead.

Update #1:

Researcher James Iandoli referenced similar (alleged) occurrences in this book:



Update #2:

The main suspect regarding DeLonge’s reference to a Pentagon UFO study is AAWSAP, not AATIP. If DeLonge is correct, how does a child with telekinesis abilities fit into a UFO program? The answer is AAWSAP reportedly looked at a much broader spectrum of  phenomena than just UFOs. A main example of that would be Skinwalker Ranch. George Knapp has reported that AAWSAP/BAASS reached out to multiple countries for info and files. BAASS is known to have been interested in Brazil. Now, this recently posted letter from Colm Kelleher to Bill Chalker, on behalf of BAASS, illustrates they had an interest in China and Australia, as well.


Update #3, comments from Dr. Hal Puthoff and Tom DeLonge:

Danny, Tom got this wrong in details.

1. The report on Chinese children carrying out the PK experiments was NOT part of the Pentagon’s DIA UAP program effort (e.g., AATIP etc.) but rather part of an earlier DIA Remote Viewing program effort that I founded & directed for 13 years.

2. The official sensitive (DIA) document had nothing to do with the U.S. gov carrying out such experiments.  Rather it was simply a translation of a Chinese research report that was being circulated among U.S. researchers for evaluation.

Upon correcting Tom DeLonge on the details of the Chinese PK experiment reports, he responded thusly:

“Thank you for clarifying that, I do talk about this a lot because I think it was a great way to show people that the mind matters! I will correct it going forward.”

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6 comments on “Pentagon UFO Program Interested in Psychic Child’s Abilities says DeLonge

  1. David Haith

    Tom often seems to quote stories he hears without any firm details.
    The mice healings he refers to are almost certainly those of William Bengston – Joe Murgia knows all about this.
    But here’s a link:

  2. They are very interested. They stalk us and use us, torture us and then hope we die.
    Best whisis!

  3. Theo Paijmans

    And don’t forget Japan’s parapsychological research before and during World War II:

  4. Marc-André Coulombe

    The problem is not: “Do we have enough evidences”. The problem is to get people’s attention.

  5. Longeyes

    Hi Danny
    Isn’t this partially to do with Hal Puthoff’s trip to China under SAP Grill Flame? Sure that where Tom’s material has come from there.
    H S Tsein worked on the Manhattan Project, he was the first director of Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Center, but with the rise of Mao in 1949, the FBI started harassing him, accusing him of having communist ties- he was put under house arrest for 5 yrs. Furious he defected to China, in 1955 and set up the Chinese, secret missile program, nuclear program, satellite program he was also obsessed with Qi (Chi) and also set up a classified research institute to look at chinese kids – ESP, psychokinesis etc.
    Hal went out there to get the low down. It’s all in Annie Jacobsen’s Book ‘Phenomena’ p 250-6

  6. Brent Hale

    Extremely interesting. The Chinese Communists have very much been interested in parapsychology and studying paranormal activities for quite a long time. The others in the Communist orbit not so much, the exception some say is Vietnam. N. Korea was interested, but Kim Jong Un grew disinterested. Albeit there are rumblings Little Un might be enforcing “certain” experiments along those lines for obviously unknown reasons.

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