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Hal Puthoff’s Crash Document Revealed

A document that has been talked about behind the scenes, and has actually been on the internet for years, has now been identified to the public at large and linked to statements by Drs Puthoff and Vallee by “UFO Joe” Murgia. When Dr. Puthoff first made the claim to George Knapp on Coast to Coast AM it was shocking. I tweeted this before I had even started blogging or working on websites. (*I no longer am sure TTSA confirmed it. Possibly Dr. Puthoff confirmed it other ways separate from TTSA.)



Then, still years back, I noticed a lead from Twitter user Markus, when he said this in 2018:


I was later able to identify which document exactly Dr. Puthoff was referring to. Like the Wilson Document it was on the internet and somewhat undiscovered. I chose not to share it until the time was right to protect sources. Also like the Wilson Document, I knew it would come out eventually since it was already widely available on the internet.  If I was the only way it would ever get out, I may have acted differently. Now, since Joe identified the document and linked it to Dr. Putoff’s statements, following “Chatham House Rules,” it is fair game to talk about.

Many people believe this document is fake, but experts like Dr. Hal Puthoff seem to allegedly claim in public comments it has been confirmed as authentic. If real, the implications of the document are startling. Not only would it prove a much rumored working group, MJ Twelve, but it would imply there are crashed craft retrieved by the United States going back more than a half century. Like all documents released in the UFO community, this is sure to spark debate and even more so than the Wilson document, it may be extremely hard to prove.

Read Joe’s blog:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 (covering the document)







So who first put this document on the internet? I’m not sure, but take a look at the website it is on; UFOConspiracy.com. Their contributors include Richard Doty, Robert Collins, Timothy Cooper, Ernie Kellerstrass, Robert Wood, Ryan Wood, Hal Puthoff, John Schuessler and Brian Parks.

Update 2:

From Joe  

Update 3:

Paul Dean is one of the many people who think the document is fake. Here’s his take.


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