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Senator Mellon, Representative Elizondo?

It’s been years now since Chris Mellon started talking about the idea of a centralized UAP effort in Washington. We are starting to see that come into play with the recently released Intelligence Bill and what we now know is the ongoing UAP Task Force, a multi-agency effort ran out of OUSDI with major work being done by ONI. This task force is the continuation of AATIP. Despite Luis Elizondo stating AATIP never ended, but may have a different name, it’s important to note the american people have not been made aware of a current ongoing UAP effort, confirmed by government spokespersons, in decades. The UAP Task Force is that effort and it should be bigger news around the world. Hopefully it will gain more traction. But this may only be the beginning. Mellon not only spoke of a centralized UAP effort, he also spoke of what I took as a UAP Czar, for lack of a better term, meaning one person in charge of collecting UAP data, possibly in a more public way. This seemed like a revelatory idea and it’s been on my mind for years. What I hadn’t thought of is… what if it was him? Or, what if the UAP Czar was Luis Elizondo? Is that too similar to Mr. Elizondo’s Job at AATIP or too similar to who is running the UAP Task Force now? If that isn’t the best way to go about it, how about another TTSA supporter idea that’s been kicked around since the group’s inception, Mellon and Elizondo running for office? Imagine how effective Chris Mellon would be as Senator Chris Mellon, and then teaming up on the UAP issue with Luis Elizondo as a state representative on the other side of congress? My only concern being the status of TTSA at that point. Would Mellon and Elizondo have to take a leave of absence from the group? If so, it would be worth it knowing how much good they could accomplish from once again being located inside the government. Legendary writer Hunter Thompson ran for Sheriff with a platform of what he jokingly called the “Freak Ticket.” What about a serious platform referred to as the UFO Ticket? The UFO community is already behind the recent bill, sending letters and emails, and making phone calls to Marco Rubio’s office among others. What if we were now able to focus all efforts towards an election campaign?

Years ago, a friend of mine, Christian Flynn, and I were kicking around some of these ideas when he wrote this blog.  In his blog, Christian pulled relevant quotes from an article written by Chris Mellon:

“There is no Pentagon process for synthesizing all the observations the military is making. The current approach is equivalent to having the Army conduct a submarine search without the Navy.”

“…the task needs to be assigned to an official with the clout to compel collaboration among disparate and often quarrelsome national security bureaucracies. A truly serious effort would involve, among other things, analysts able to review infrared satellite data, NORAD radar databases, and signals and human intelligence reporting.”

Christian writes:

“Mellon describes in this statement a bureaucrat who possesses the legal authority to control policy surrounding UFO/UAP investigations throughout the entire US military and civilian population,  a government employee to centralise and coordinate information pertaining to the UFO/UAP phenomenon.”

Another quote from Chris Mellon:

“…nobody wants to be ‘the alien guy’ in the national security bureaucracy; nobody wants to be ridiculed or sidelined for drawing attention to the issue. This is true up and down the chain of command, and it is a serious and recurring impediment to progress”

Well, Chris Mellon IS the Alien Guy. Luis Elizondo IS the Alien Guy. They could be the bureaucrat. They could be the UAP Task Force executive. They could be the UFO/UAP Czar. They could be the Senator. They could be the Representative. This idea may be more realistic than we think, and possibly could be attempted. Supporters of TTSA should not forget this, and in fact, hold hopes that one day it may be the case.

3 comments on “Senator Mellon, Representative Elizondo?

  1. Noone wants to be the “spooky Mulder”.

    Lots of people paying attention to who’s following this story atm and who’s reporting on it. Keep up the good work.

  2. I’d be happy to accept an appointment by the Executive Branch for the US Government’s UAP czar.

  3. I am the current head of NUFOS, the Norwegian UFO Society (Norsk Ufosenter in our language). I hail this idea, as I always look for people who are forward thinking, people with ideas that are forward leaning, creative and optimistic. People who don’t mind taking a risk, even risking to fail. “Nobody wants to be the ufo guy” ? Shucks! that was soooo 15 mins ago… These are the kind of people who contribute to things happening the way we want things to go. Thank you. I have already reposted to our FB page and will translate for our mebership magazine. (Unless told not to… 😉 )

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