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George Knapp’s Mystery Wire Releases 3 More DIRDs Plus New Comments from Marco Rubio on UAPs

It’s been another good year for releases of Defense Intelligence Reference Documents. Tim McMillan and Popular Mechanics released the highly sought after Dr. Kit Green DIRD, “Clinical Medical Acute & Subacute Field Effects on Human Dermal & Neurological Tissues.” This DIRD was important because it proved AAWSAP/AATIP/BAASS were studying UFOs (no matter their origins) despite inaccurate claims they weren’t. The paper also focused on injuries UFOs caused whether purposefully or not.

To get caught up on the history of the DIRDs you can read these blogs:

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5th AAWSAP D.I.R.D. Released by George Knapp; Covers Detection of Hypersonic Vehicles

In the past month, again because of George Knapp plus his new endeavor MysteryWire.com, three more DIRDs have been released on their new documents page.

Metallic Glasses: Status and Prospects for Aerospace Applications

Material for Advanced Aerospace Platform

State of the Art and Evolution of High-Energy Laser Weapons

These three additions to the list of thirty-eight DIRDs brings us closer to having them all in the public realm and hopefully, eventually all will be released.

Another huge story first reported by Silva Record has been the Intelligence Bill for Fiscal year 2021 written by Marco Rubio and others. Here are comments from Marco Rubio himself:

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2 comments on “George Knapp’s Mystery Wire Releases 3 More DIRDs Plus New Comments from Marco Rubio on UAPs

  1. Dr. Jeff C.

    I completely agree with your very mature, level-headed assessment here and I salute your attitude. I see a bit too much ego and hard-edged argumentation floating around in the UFO community at times. As a scientist, I find it unfortunate when people leap to conclusions and then over-defend when their data are still substantially incomplete. Humility goes a long way towards making room for discovery and progress in any investigatory endeavor.

  2. Master of Limitation

    I’ve been patiently watching the discussion and battles between people who say UFOs are nice, advanced civilizations who only want to help enlighten us vs. people who say UFOs are demonic beings who are on the verge of enslaving us to mine gold. Perhaps there are all kinds – just like there are all kinds of Americans, Russians, and Chinese, and humans of Earth. But clearly we could have been openly, large-scale attacked since WW2 or probably before but haven’t yet, so that’s at least promising. I was annoyed at first when TTSA and others kept referring to UFOs/UAPs as a threat because I wanted to focus on the positive. However, I am now coming around to the master strategy of this by TTSA and others because it’s getting the government and military a way in to talk about it without being ridiculed. Lue stated in a TTSA podcast that this language was only because it is unknown right now and it’s the military’s approach to start off with everything being a threat until it’s proven not to be. I believe we’re getting closer to the information we all want: who are they and how will we interact with them?

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