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Photo: Danny Silva and Luis Elizondo, 6-25-19. Credit: Daniel Alan Jones

Despite seemingly obvious proof Luis Elizondo is who he says he is (or was) there are still partisan detractors, naysayers, debunkers and journalists aiming to destroy what TTSA has accomplished and trying to use Elizondo as the TNT. Mixed in with these people are also fair sceptics and solid journalists who look for answers. What they do is unprejudiced. There is a distinction between them and they deserve a positive mention.

Early on, I was able to personally review documentation that proved Elizondo was the point man for AATIP. When I stated this publicly some argued it was worthless since I couldn’t share it, but I was confident none the less that what was occurring surrounding TTSA and Elizondo wasn’t a huge trick as some brazenly screamed from any platform they could muster.

Journalists, commentators and even some with government backgrounds still debate the overall scope of AATI Program, and don’t always agree with it’s public portrayal, thinking its importance is exaggerated. With that said, AATIP studied UFOs, and judging by the evolved program, the UAP Task Force, AATIP succeeded. As a UAP information advocate, the reveal of the program changed my life and how I look at the world and government. The change in the public psyche alone surely makes the program nothing but historic.

It’s always been a strong rumor that more information regarding Elizondo’s background would become widely known, possibly not only about his UAP work, but covering his time in service to the United States. Hopefully if this occurs the public will appreciate not only what Luis has done for the UAP subject, but for his country.

In correspondence with other To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science members, people with government backgrounds and experience, of course they agreed.

Dr. Hal Puthoff told me:

“In the media conflicting stories have been circulating as to whether Luis Elizondo was or was not in the position as a manager of the AATIP program for the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence (USDI) in the Pentagon.  As a Senior Advisor and contractor for the AATIP program I can state unequivocally that Elizondo did fulfill this role as I personally participated in numerous classified meetings in his office and prepared documents to be used in various briefings concerning program development.”

Chris Mellon also replied to SilvaRecord.com:

“I know Lue was hosting interagency meetings at the Pentagon on the UAP issue and arranging briefings for senior officials in 2017, to include individuals who reported directly to General Mattis.

It was also clear that he was transitioning his UAP responsibility to another individual on the OSD staff as he prepared to leave.  I met that individual as well as Navy officials and others whom Lue was working with on the UAP issue at the time. He seemed to be doing everything possible to get the attention of the leadership to warn them of what was occurring off the East coast and elsewhere.”

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4 comments on “Comments on Elizondo

  1. Tim speer

    Danno there is 1 interesting statement on here to me besides confirming Lue has served for the pointman of AATIP (which well everyone but kloor and some media seem to realize.

    He was awfully concerned with east coast encounters. Considering it was so much a concern he left after higher ups wouldn’t give him the time of day. The empasis of distress on this, gets my attention in a way I didnt see before.. if the context and statement of the last paragraph is 100% correct im a wee bit concerned now as well.

    My most interesting question is yet why such grave concern? The way you worded it his warning bells were going off? That tells me this is something new, maybe even something different.


  2. Marc-André Coulombe

    You can lie to someone all the time. You can lie to everyone sometime. But you can’t lie to everyone all the time. The beauty with the truth is that it will someday come out regardless of how much energy we put to hide it. Lue is doing a great job!

  3. Elizondo and Puthoff are both great men.

  4. Billy Hallmon

    There is only one thing to say to a debunker — “Goodbye!”

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