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Elizondo, Mellon, Justice Out at TTSA

As reported by MysteryWire.com and now also independently confirmed by SilvaRecord.com, Lue Elizondo’s hints during an interview on Coast to Coast AM with George Knapp are true. Lue Elizondo, Chris Mellon and Steve Justice are no longer with TTSA.

When I first started writing this blog I was trying to think of what the headline might be. The headline that came to mind was, “The Implosion of TTSA.” After thinking about it more, I decided that headline was too harsh, after all, TTSA is still here. Tom DeLonge has surprised everyone before and maybe he can do it again. The fact of the matter, however, is that if TTSA were the Chicago Bulls, they just lost Jordan, Pippen (and Steve Kerr?). Where they go from here will be interesting to witness. They certainly have their back against the wall now. Will more members exit? Maybe we should look at this more in sports terms. Teams lose and gain players but the sport continues. Sometimes players and personnel move around in order to better serve their goal of winning a championship.


If TTSA was publicly traded it’s stock would have absolutely tanked today. But some investors buy the dip and wait for the rip (stock upward surge.) Whether TTSA has another rip ahead of them remains to be seen. Many people who invested in TTSA viewed it as a donation in the name of Disclosure and weren’t expecting it back. Others who invested in TTSA as a legitimate financial strategy might be sweating right now. Some people I’ve spoken to invested because TTSA showed the drawing of the UFO like spaceship and promised to build it. These people invested in the tech TTSA promised to reveal.  There have been no updates on that front. Other’s investment was due to Elizondo’s involvement, or Chris Mellon’s… or Steve Justice’s. Now with those three moving on that falls apart. After the exit of TTSA’s stars, some investors are surely feeling disenfranchised and want their money back.

Who does what?

Much of TTSA’s public face has been Elizondo and Mellon. That’s evident when you watch Unidentified, a show that would seem very odd now with two main characters missing. Not only that, but by most evaluations from a public perspective, Elizondo and Mellon do the majority of the quantifiable work at TTSA. Dr. Hal Puthoff is by far the most vocal and public member left at TTSA. He doesn’t shy away from giving comments to reporters. Dr. Puthoff has also been involved with the briefings in Washington. Maybe Dr. Puthoff will now be the face of TTSA, filling Mellon and Elizondo’s roles? Semivan only speaks through others (Melinda Leslie seems to be Jim Semivan’s unofficial spokesperson) and doesn’t usually go on the record or take part in direct interviews. Steve Justice has popped up from time to time doing sporadic interviews, but has for the most part been pretty quiet. Others on the TTSA roster have never been heard from at all.

Main goal still achieved.

TTSA may not have completed what they set out to do (yet?) or what they said and claimed they would do, but they have certainly completed what they were supposed to do. TTSA facilitated three UAP videos to be released. They changed the public’s perception forever about UFOs, got Washington involved and sparked political interest. They helped a UAP task force to be formed and publicly announced. TTSA forced at least some of the public to seriously ask themselves if the phenomenon exists and they did it without scaring anyone too much. UFOs are no longer a conspiracy. Even major politicians publicly state they exist. Some or even much of that was due to Elizondo and Mellon, but they did it as members of TTSA. The main questions are now what are the UFOs and who or what controls them.

This isn’t the end of the disclosure movement.

Lue Elizondo is not going to quit doing what he does. Mellon is not going to quit doing what he does. Infact, some have thought both of them returning to government was the end game all along. Even if they don’t return to government they will continue to fight. We all often say the UAP issue is more important than partisan political affiliations, well it’s damn sure more important than business or group affiliations as well. With change comes growth. 

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14 comments on “Elizondo, Mellon, Justice Out at TTSA

  1. Indeed, their method of taking investments was troubling and put me off too.

    Interesting to hear of your time at VAFB – me too at VAFB. Plus at Big Sur and near Marysville. Did high order astro positions for icbms and SR71, etc. Know of others too.
    Compare notes?

  2. Is the show returning for this season????

  3. Harry Harris

    I can only see that TTSA may continue its entertainment products. Their financials as far as the company goes are not so good. They will need to concentrate on actual things that produce income. Not sure they will even continue with the Adam, Scout and Vault projects. It is odd that no one there now has commented on the three leaving. In fact their website and facebook page seems to have stalled out on any news since Sept 2020. I kind of assume that the three are looking at better alternatives (Government?) to continue their direction on the subject of UFO”s and or Disclosure. However will say that TTSA has moved the ball forward and will always give them credit for that.

  4. Come to Sweden boys!
    Im right here waiting with a lots of visitors!
    And I have proof too. after 2 years of investigation and close work with aliens.
    Welcome anyday and I gladly show you my work!

  5. Brent Hale

    Very interesting. I don’t believe for a second this the end. I do think these three stepped down for other positive reasons, mainly to pursue other options for better disclosure while allowing TTSA to go about its business peacefully and to stay out of any unintentional controversy these three might bring upon TTSA if they were still a part of it. Also they are not a part of the so-called “Deep State” that really doesn’t exist. Their departure I am sure is not “ordered” or “commanded” by anyone along those lines. Saying that is at least sounding like a John Greenwald type and at most like a Alex Jones type. In other words, they’ll explain their reasons. Speculating about it pretty much wastes time and causes more trouble than its worth.

  6. Perhaps they saw the writing on the wall
    With the administration changing hands. We have to stop pretending that politics and UFOS don’t mix, just ask Tucker Carlsen or Joe Rogan.
    It’s all a political game and we deserve more than this.

  7. Kindly to you all, your natural excitation and curiosity will open a irreversible despair. Guidance is the trivial solution. Be patience.

  8. will they be joining Jacques Vallée and his new project that he talked about recently?

  9. Lydell from Earth

    Did they say why they left? Best case scenario they left ttsa because of conflicts of interest related to new government work on the phenomenon.

  10. Billy Hallmon

    “… Many people who invested in TTSA viewed it as a donation in the name of Disclosure and weren’t expecting it back…”

    That’s me. Mission accomplished. UFOs are almost respectable now. Where do we go from here?

  11. Bill Katakis

    I wouldn’t think it’s a black and white issue. They’ll be a working unit, even if they’re thousands of miles apart. DeLonge’s efforts are what makes money, nothing says he can’t have these 3 back in his movies, etc., and there are a lot of pilots, physicists, and guys like Dr. Nolan and I’m sure many more to do documentaries. They might have been enticed into something like the Space Force, UAP Task Force, or Aerospace Corporation with Eric Davis, or a new effort to actually build something, start testing. Steve Justice has said he wants to build something, and of course that’s what he did at Skunk Works. Mellon can manage and lobby and work at the highest level in any DOD program and with congress. Elizondo did security at the highest levels, counter intelligence. Wherever they go, together or apart, they and TTSA will be working on the issue. Disclosure has to stop somewhere short of giving our adversaries a blueprint on how to build the propulsion system. Look at what Putin has done to us, look at China’s behavior , trying to steal the sea from it’s neighbors. N. Korea,, Iran, lots of cruel dictators , our enemies in fact, that we don’t want to have this tech. That’s the stopper. If DOD gave up the propulsion system, , well, that won’t happen fortunately. I don’t think they’ll trust an internet connected computer again.

  12. John Burroughs

    You might want to follow up with Puthoff can’t say I didn’t tell you so. Take the contract and run!!

  13. I sometimes wonder if Tom’s outspokeness politically may have hindered TTSA on the Hill?Everyone has a right to their opinion. Although I’ve often times called Tom out on Twitter for his overtly political statements, not because I necessarily disagree with them. Only because as CEO of TTSA and who some may call the defacto leader of the “disclosure” movement, it takes away from being taken serious by ALL representatives on the Hill, even those he might not politically agree with. Now is the time to have everyone on your side and to see the big picture. Not play in the mud with petty politics. Especially if what you want to bring forward to the world is literally more important than any one person of any one political party in any position.

  14. Their method of taking investments put me off. Thank goodness for those vibes.

    Elizondo presents as evasive in interviews I have heard. I saw this as one with experience very similar to the Airmen including icbm silo commanders who have offered testimony on the unique phenomena. Mine was at Vandenberg AFB. So, I know.

    Hopefully, real investigators continue the answer.

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