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Current Politicians Interested in Skinwalker Ranch Says Owner

It’s been an exciting run up to the due date (some say it may be extended) of the UAP Task Force report in June. John Ratcliffe spoke to Maria Bartiromo about UFOs causing major waves in the media. Not to be outdone, thewarzone.com followed up on and added to a story readers of SilvaRecord.com first caught a whiff of during summer, 2020, all thanks to Dave Beaty. The big stories didn’t stop. George Knapp/MysteryWire.com and Jeremy Corbell added to the discussion in a huge way, once again going viral around the world.

Media attention isn’t the only thing UFO transparency advocates hold dear. Political interest is equally important.

Right after I appeared on the “Big Phone Home” youtube stream with Jeremy Corbel, UFO Joe and Ryan Robbins, I tuned back into the broadcast to hear the owner of SkinWalker Ranch, Brandon Fugal, drop the the biggest bomb of the day… More politicians are interested in SkinWalker Ranch. SilvaRecord.com has reported on Skinwalker Ranch government briefings in the past, but this statement represents current interest.

I reached out to Brandon Fugal and he said this:

“I have had very recent, supportive discussions with Senator Mike Lee and Congressman John Curtis regarding (Skinwalker Ranch), with Senator Lee being interested in visiting the ranch physically ASAP for a confidential briefing.

Attorney General Sean Reyes is also in contact regularly for updates from our team.

We truly believe this is the greatest science project of our time, and we are presenting the best hard evidence that we are not alone.”

The UFO community and interested individuals worldwide now have new names and faces to add to the list of politicians and officials that have greatly helped, or are helping the cause.

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