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Harry Reid: Lockheed Martin Rumored to Have UFO Debris

A huge article was published by The New Yorker, today. It was a great rundown of the UFO subject for the public at large. The main tidbit UFO reporters like myself are interested in is this:

Lockheed Martin has always been one of the top contenders rumored to possess and/or be working on UFO debris, but now it’s stated in black and white by the former Senate Majority Leader, and those who are familiar with the Wilson Notes know…prominent officials claiming to be shut out and denied access is nothing new. Lockheed Martin also has had interesting job listings that seemed to may have dealt with UFOs.

A still from Close Encounters of the Third Kind provided by @dumbsndirds

Every time a prominent person makes a statement like Harry Reid’s it furthers the cause. During the MysteryWire.com podcast yesterday George Knapp reiterated that the closer the world comes to secrets, the more pushback there will be.

Hopefully now more pressure may be applied to get private companies who allegedly have debris to come clean.

Update: Keith Basterfield writes about aerospace company interest.

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