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Dr. Colm Kelleher Steps to the Plate

Government whistleblowers now have legislation protecting them. Some critics think the protections and reporting mechanisms still aren’t up to par or where they should be, but they are on the books. The idea of government UFO whistleblowers has been the biggest recent hope for the UFO/UAP community, with hype that seems in the moment… arguably unprecedented.

The All-domain Anomaly Resolution office, AARO, ran by Director Sean M. Kirkpatrick, are supposed to be fielding the whistleblower reports. Mr. Kirkpatrick will be answering questions during a hearing April, 19th 2023 with the Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities. The topic of whistleblowers may or may not be brought up during the hearing, but the world awaits to see and hear Mr. Kirkpatrick, taking close note of how he responds and answers questions, as this will be instantly entered into the historic record and directly affect Mr.Kirkpatrick’s legacy. Mr. Kirkpatrick needs to have the public in mind when speaking, as they deserve the truth. The jury is currently out on Kirkpatrick in general, with some commentators giving him high praise, while others bash his performance. Most of those commentators, both positive and negative, have not cited sources. Now, on national television, is his time to prove himself.

There has been no shortage of whistleblower predictions. Almost everyone seems to be getting informed privately that at least some have already stepped forward behind the scenes. The main questions remaining are will their testimony be successful in uncovering legacy UFO government programs, will they finally cause UFO disclosure, will their testimony or information make it to the public and/or will any of the whistleblowers reveal themselves to the public?

While Dr. Colm Kelleher ( a veteran of AAWSAP, BAASS and NIDS to name a few organizations) may not be technically a whistleblower, he is making claims regarding downed UFO craft that many are hoping the whistleblowers will reveal. Dr. Kelleher could provide important information to AARO and others. He said this to George Knapp and Jeremy Corbell on their Weaponized Podcast:

Jeremy Corbell then chimed in on twitter:

And, you do realize that if Dr. Kelleher can say this much publicly now – that if he testified in a closed congressional hearing with classified status – he could spill all the damn beans about what he has been read into regarding Legacy UFO exploitation programs & downed UFOs.

Will Dr. Colm Kelleher get his chance to speak?



In other news, the Wilson/Davis notes were entered into the congressional record after the last UAP hearing at the request of Congressman Mike Gallagher. This was viewed as a huge moment for members of the UFO community who have advocated their importance, but updates regarding whether the government is following up with the notes have been scarce, until now.

Video of Danny Sheehan recently started to circulate where he is making unconfirmed claims that AARO is looking into the notes:

2 comments on “Dr. Colm Kelleher Steps to the Plate

  1. Paul Reddington

    In regards to Sean and Eric looking into the Wilson notes it was never discussed or brought up in the meeting they had in the new year which brings into question other claims by Sheehan unfortunately.

  2. UAP James

    It’s good to be back here reading the Silva Record. More to come I’m sure….

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